March 18, 2020

Activities to Do with Your Kids From Home

Tons of activities to do with your kids from home including outside ideas, learning activities, writing ideas, ideas for play, chores, crafts, learning shows, indoor exercise and tips for parents so you don't go crazy!
I know that most of us are stuck at home with our kids for possible quite an extended period of time. Kids need structure and activity and today, I wanted to share some of the activities that we will be doing during this time at home. My kids are currently ages 5, almost 3 and 8 months for a reference.

The days can be long but we can make the most of this time and actually really enjoy this simpler time of life with our kids. Maybe you were someone who had their kids in a bunch of activities and never had time for family dinners. Maybe your kids got used to going out the movies, restaurants, etc. a lot. Now is a time to try to enjoy the simpler things in life like playing at home and spending time with family. Now trust me, I get it. It is hard. There is worry. There is stress. I have cried many times. I am not trying to paint this as a pretty picture. But we can get through it.

Activities to Do with Your Kids From Home


-Draw with chalk on the sidewalk
-Ride bikes
-Play soccer
-Go on walks outside
-Go on a scavenger hunt looking for items like sticks, leaves, flowers, etc.
-Race to see who can run the fastest
-Ride a scooter
-Blow bubbles
-Pull younger siblings in a wagon
-Explore the backyard
-Go on a hike
-Play on a swing set if you have one

Learning Activities

-Online learning games
-Educational shows
-Board games
-Audio books
-Activity books- addition, writing
-Free writing- give the child a topic and they write all about it
-Read to the kids
-Have the kids read to you
-Ask kids lots of questions- where do they live, what's the date, name 3 kinds of green vegetables, etc. etc.

Writing Ideas

-Write letters to people- teachers, family, friends
-Make a list of everything in the room
-Spelling tests- tell your child a word and they spell it
-Lists like friend names, different colors of items

Play Ideas

-Fort building
-Wash a bunch of toys with soap and water
-Cook with the kids- bake something they will love, have them try new things in the kitchen
-Lots of free play- mom and dad will be saying "go play!"
-Paint nails
-Play in the bath
-Play dress up
-Dress up and have a fancy dinner at home- my 5 year old's idea that she wants to do with her dad!
-Have a picnic
-Make popsicles or healthy ice cream
-Have a tea party
-Put on face masks and drink some tea
-Look at family photo albums
-Have a movie and popcorn night
-Have a bonfire in your backyard and roast marshmallows
-Call family members and FaceTime

Adalyn helping feed Lily

Chore Ideas

-Help put dishes away
-Set the table 
-Clean their room
-Make their bed
-Help with meal prep
-Clean up their toys
-Wipe down surfaces
-Help with their younger siblings
-Fold laundry
-Put their clothes away
-Feed the pets

Easy Craft Ideas

-Make seasonal decor- Easter decorations, spring flowers, Cinco De Mayo decor
-Play dough
-Construction paper crafts

Fresh air does wonders for the mind!

Learning Shows

-Sid the Science Kid
-Museum tour online
-Mystery Science
-Bill Nye the Science Guy

Indoor Exercise

-Cosmic kids yoga
-Simon says
-Lookup kid's workout videos and family workout videos
-Have the child lead a workout of their choice
-Hide and seek

Luckily, the kids look crazier in this picture than me- for the moment at least!

Tips so that parents don't go crazy with kids home 24/7

-Make time for you- wake up early so you have a little time to yourself
-Exercise- so important for the mind
-STOP reading all the news articles- this one is for me!
-Try to get enough sleep
-Don't be afraid to tell kids to "go play". You do not need to entertain them the entire time.

This is a difficult time for everyone. Just know that it won't last. I am trying to make the most of it and enjoy this time with my family home. I already respected teachers but now I do even more!

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  1. These are all awesome tips! And I love that you included time for parents too! I've been going on a run every night after dinner, and I love that time to just myself to unwind!


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