March 23, 2020

Homeschool Schedule for Work from Home Parents

Sample homeschool schedule for work from home parents for a kindergartner, preschooler and baby. Lots of time for free play, outdoor time, some screen time and art time along with reading, writing and math.
Playing dress-up can definitely be part of homeschool!
I have struggled with putting together a schedule that works for my family to use during this time of homeschooling. Here is my list of activities to do with your kids from home that I shared last week. We have already adjusted our schedule quite a bit for what works from our family and I'm sure, we will continue to adjust as needed. Troy is a teacher that is teaching online from home. I blog full-time and am trying to fit it in with 3 young kids at home (ages 5 1/2, almost 3 and 8 months old).

We are doing this schedule Monday-Friday. On the weekend, we are definitely going to need a much deserved break!! This schedule is what is working for us at this time. Feel free to copy and adjust as needed.

Art time

Here is our current homeschool schedule:

Homeschool Schedule for Work from Home Parents

-6:45-7:30 AM- wake-up
-7:30 AM-8 AM- breakfast, go over the plan for the day, get dressed
-8-9:15 AM- math, writing, reading and/or worksheets
-9:15-9:45 AM- recess in the backyard (independent- parent's work)
-9:45-10 AM- snack
-10 AM-11 AMMiss Megan's Camp Kindergarten- an hour of live home schooling on Facebook- (parent's work or take a shower)
-11 AM-11:30 AM- free play
-11:30 AM-12 PM- lunch
-12 PM-3 PM- Oliver nap
-12-1 PM- Adalyn quiet time
-1 PM- Adalyn worksheets and more school work- math, reading, etc.
-2 PM-3 PM- Adalyn games on tablet
-3 PM- snack
-3:15ish-4:30 PM outdoor time for the whole family- long walk, biking, scooter, etc.
-4:30 PM- clean up house, put away toys
-5 PM- start to make dinner
-5:30 PM- dinner
-6 PM-7 PM- watch a show (parent's work or read articles that terrify us- being honest)

Afternoon bike riding
Other things that we fit in in random spots
-Kid baths
-Art- coloring, drawing, etc.
-Adalyn's school principle sends a video daily of him reading a story to the kids- we watch this daily

Sibling cuddles are perfect!
I feel vulnerable sharing our schedule for some reason as it makes our lives open to judgment but I thought, if I can help a few parents, I would!


  1. This is such a good schedule! We're going to have to try that live Kindergarten with Kinsley!


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