March 24, 2020

Where to Eat Out When You Want to Eat Healthier: Noodles and Company

Where to Eat Out When You Want to Eat Healthier: the many options available at Noodles and Company including zucchini noodles, loaded flavorful salads, healthy kid options, cauliflower noodles and more!

My mom and I always talk about that it can be really hard to find restaurants that serve healthier items on their menu. Sometimes, we want to grab a bite to eat for lunch and there are not a lot of options near us that serve healthier foods. I wanted to share one of my favorite go-to restaurants that serve lots of healthy items (or more indulgent if that's what you're looking for). Noodles and Company has been a favorite restaurant for many years because they have tons of healthier menu options that have loads of flavor and are customizable.

At this time, dine-in service is closed but you can still order your Noodles and Company meal to go or order delivery! If you are totally sick of cooking, Noodles and Company has tons of delicious options that are pretty nutritious as well!

I always say that when I go out to eat, it needs to taste better than what I can make at home. I always feel disappointed at a restaurant that is only so-so because when I go out, I want it to be special. Noodles and Company is one of the fast restaurants that I love that has some awesome menu items that I truly enjoy eating out. There are so many menu options that I love and my family does as well making it a great place for all of us to visit together.

Favorite Menu Item

My very favorite menu item there for the last few years is the Chicken Veracruz Salad. It has lettuce, tomato, red onion, chili-lime chicken, bacon, fresh corn, jalapeno ranch dressing, crispy jalapenos, avocado and cilantro (but leave off the cilantro for me). I get this pretty much every time that I go.

Zucchini Shrimp Scampi

This time, I wanted to try something different than usual so I went with the zucchini shrimp scampi. Noodles and Company just started having zucchini noodles which is a great way to eat lighter or less carbs if that is what you're looking for. The zucchini shrimp scampi comes tossed in a scampi sauce with tomato, shrimp, Parmesan, parsley and lemon. It was very tasty! I love that this restaurant has a variety of healthier veggie packed options. The parmesan crusted chicken breast would also be awesome with the zucchini scampi dish. It is considered gluten-sensitive meaning that it has no ingredients containing gluten.

Kid-Friendly Menu Options

What I love is that there is an option for everyone. The kids meals are the only kids meals that we regularly buy. I usually just have my kids share a meal with us or we order them a real meal off the adult menu because kids menus can be so lame. At Noodles and Company, you get an entree and 2 sides. My kids love the spaghetti and meatballs with broccoli and applesauce and they get a chocolate milk with it. I love that this is an actually balanced meal and a great option for them.

Troy likes getting the Japanese Pan Noodles with steak. I also love the pesto pasta and would love to try it with the Caulifloodles (cauliflower noodles) that they have.  The dishes always look so beautiful and I love that they are made with healthier ingredients like quality protein, fresh vegetables and if you choose, whole-grain noodles.

Why I love eating at Noodles and Company

At Noodles and Company, the dishes are very customizable. If you are a vegetarian, feel free to skip the meat. If you want to eat lighter, you can get a veggie loaded dish. You can easily eat gluten-free here and can eat lower carbohydrate by having the zucchini noodles or a salad. I love that Noodles and Company is affordable and a great place to bring my kids. You get the food quickly so there isn't any waiting for 45 minutes with kids. They are very friendly each time that we have gone.

So my answer of one of my favorite places for where to eat out when you want to eat healthier: definitely Noodles and Company! I suggest really exploring the menu because they have tons of options for everyone. They have Asian dishes, American, Italian and more. I definitely recommend Noodles and Company for a quick meal that is delicious and customizable to your dietary needs.

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Noodles and Company. My family's obsession with them is totally our own! #Zoodles #NoodlesandCompany

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