March 04, 2020

Teaching Our Kids To Swim with Goldfish Swim School

The best swim school: Goldfish Swim School and how we are teaching our kids to swim with Goldfish swim lessons!

In January, we re-enrolled in Goldfish Swim School. We took about a 6 month break due to having baby Lily and it being about a 40 minute drive each way. Just a little bit too much of a commitment with a newborn. When Lily turned 6 months old, I re-enrolled Adalyn and Oliver at Goldfish Swim School Macomb and I couldn't be happier.

Adalyn started back up in Glider 2 and the first class took her a bit to get back into it. She kind of forget what to do for the different strokes but luckily, the instructors were awesome and refreshed her memory. By the end of the first class, she was back to where she was when we were enrolled before.

One thing that I love about Goldfish Swim School is that the last few minutes of class, they call the parents in to talk about their child's progress. They always start out saying what your child did great in class and then let you know what you still need to work on. This is great especially if you have access to a pool on other days so you can practice what you worked on at Goldfish.

Just recently, Adalyn moved up to Glider 3 and I am seeing a ton of progress. She is treading water, swimming the entire length of the pool and back, doing rollovers, swimming on her back and more. She is working on floating on her back now.

Oliver is finishing up his time in the Mini class. His teacher Aria is literally so amazing. I could not recommend her more. She jokes and is silly with Oliver. She takes him during the class sometimes and helps teach him different things. Each week, they splash each other and I know that Oliver just loves her. It is really amazing to have a swim teacher that clearly cares so much about the kids.

Troy is in the pool with Oliver and I know that it is a special time for them. Oliver should be moving up levels soon since he will be 3. At that time, we plan to get Lily enrolled and start the baby swim class!!! I am super excited for that. Mom likes to watch the kids and stay out of the pool and there are always chairs for us to sit and watch our kiddos progress with their swimming.

The day that the kids have Goldfish Swim School is one of our favorite days! It is something fun to do in the winter. It doesn't matter if it is snowing outside or 10 degrees. It is always warm at Goldfish Swim School!

Disclosure: We receive lessons from Goldfish Swim School in exchange for writing about it. Our love for the swim school is totally our own!

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