April 02, 2020

Oliver's 3 Year Old Update

Oliver Blippi Tractor Man Hernandez is 3 years old. My always silly cuddly boy who I love so much just loves his life, his sisters and most of all doughnuts and candy. Oliver is passionate about the things that he likes and I am happy to share some of the fun things that he is doing right now.

-First of all, Oliver's sisters are everything to him. I would say most of his life is dedicated to anything with Adalyn (AKA Ada to him). He does everything with her. Adalyn being home at this time due to schools being closed means the world to Oliver. Those two are constantly playing together and actually, rarely fighting right now! Oliver looks up to Adalyn so much and is constantly cuddling with her, hugging her, wrestling with her and doing anything she tells him to do.

-Oliver recently started to really love Lily. He loves holding her, giving the most gentle kisses and hugs and calling her Lily B. even though her name is Lily V.

-Oliver loves anything Blippi and loves watching all of the shows. His favorite song is the Blippi tractor song.

-He loves tractors and has been loving riding on my Dad's tractors.

Oliver loves beets!
-Oliver's favorite foods are: doughnuts, peanut butter, candy, hot chocolate, blackberries, pizza and beets (yes, beets).

-He loves to race cars with me, play superheroes with his Daddy and play anything with his Ada. He loves watching Justice League with Ada and they yell out the names of the characters together. It is my favorite.

-He loves all things inappropriate like talking about farts and butts. Typical boy stuff. Mom is not as big of a fan.

-We are spending some time with my parents and he loves learning his numbers with my dad. He learned them all within a week after not knowing them at all. He knows all of his letters. He can't say the letters F, S and maybe a couple others correctly and we are currently working on it with him. I signed him up for speech therapy but due to everything being closed, his evaluation is delayed.

-He loves to ride on his balance bike, run outside with his sister and go on walks. He has an incredible endurance for his age and can walk for over a mile straight.

-He loves to help with projects that Troy or I are doing. He HAS to help make meals and always pushes the start button on the blender. If you don't let him help, he gets very offended.

-Chapstick is a huge part of his life and he loves putting it on all day long, carrying it around in his pocket and putting it on other people.

-He is totally obsessed with all of his grandparents!

-He is a huge joker and loves being silly. He loves to pretend like he can't do stuff, never responds to a question seriously and always loves making people laugh.

-He sleeps in a big boy bed and stays in bed until right at at 7 AM thanks to his light up clock that turns off at 7. At 7 on the dot, we love hearing the scampering of his little feet running down the hallway.

-He loves to wrestle with Ada and Troy.

-Oliver is signed up for preschool in the spring and cannot wait. He wants nothing more than to go to school like Adalyn.

Before dinner one night, these crazies came down like this and they thought they were SO funny!
Life is so, so good with Oliver! He is such a joy in our lives and I cannot imagine life without his silly self!

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  1. He sounds like an awesome kid! Y'all have done so well!


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