April 06, 2020

Peach Mint Iced Tea

Peach Mint Iced Tea is super refreshing and full of flavor! Perfect to cool off with on a hot day. Full of fresh peaches, peach black tea and fresh mint leaves.
Peach Mint Iced Tea

With the weather getting a little bit nicer, it will be time to switch from hot tea to iced tea! I am a huge fan of all different flavors of tea and we have been having fun making our own tea flavors. This Peach Mint Iced Tea is easy to make and tastes so refreshing. It will be perfect for summer!

Mint Peach Iced Tea
Earth Day is coming up and therefore, I wanted to use the Torani Puremade Syrup in this Peach Mint Iced Tea recipe. I started to love Torani Puremade Syrup last year when I made my Strawberry Mojito Kombucha Cocktail. These syrups are loaded with fresh flavor and you don't need a lot to make your drink sweet. Torani Puremade has no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. It is a more natural way to add sweetness to your drink which is perfect for Earth Day. Earth Day is important to me because I love helping our Earth and by using more natural products, I can help celebrate Planet Earth each day.

glass of peach mint iced tea
Torani Puremade Syrups mix really well into your drinks. I like the flavors like caramel and vanilla for coffee drinks and the fruity flavors for cocktails, ice tea and mocktails.

glasses of peach mint iced tea
All winter long, Troy and I drink hot tea and that first day that is actually warm, we love making up a big batch of iced tea. I cannot wait! Tea is packed with antioxidants and a great low-calorie drink that is a good alternative to drinking water. This tea is so full of flavor. I love it! You can also make it with a decaf tea if you prefer and do not want the caffeine.

peach mint iced tea with fresh mint

What ingredients do you need for Peach Mint Iced Tea?

-Sliced fresh peaches (frozen will do too)
-Mint leaves
-Torani Puremade Peach Syrup
-Black tea

refreshing peach mint iced tea

How to make Peach Mint Iced Tea?

To make this peach mint iced tea, first, you brew the tea. I like making mine in the microwave concentrated. I do this by using a smaller amount of water than I need and make a tea concentrate and then adding a bunch of ice cubes. I then muddled the peaches and mint by mashing them in the bottom of a pitcher. Then, you add the tea, ice and Torani Puremade Peach Syrup and mix together well. Easy and super tasty!

Peach mint iced tea with peaches and mint

Peach Mint Iced Tea

Yield: serves 4-6 Author: Amanda Hernandez

Peach Mint Iced Tea

Peach Mint Iced Tea is super refreshing and full of flavor! Perfect to cool off with on a hot day. Full of fresh peaches, peach black tea and fresh mint leaves.
Prep Time:  10 minutes Cook time: 0 minutes Total time: 10 mins


  • 4-6 bags black tea
  • 2 sliced peaches
  • 1/4 cup fresh mint leaves
  • 3 tablespoons Torani Puremade Peach Syrup


    1. Heat 4 cups of water until boiling (microwave or stove) and add in teabags. Allow tea to steep for about 10 minutes until it is very strong.
    2. Add in a couple cups of water and a bunch of ice. 
    3. In a large pitcher, add peach slices and mint leaves. Muddle or lightly smash peaches and mint leaves to release some of the flavor.
    4. Add tea into the pitcher with the mint leaves and peaches and mix in the peach syrup.
    5. Serve with ice if desired.
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