June 24, 2020

June Product Review Favorites + Giveaway

Capresso Coffee Maker, Grillo's Pickles and SuperFat Cookies review plus a coffee maker and pickles giveaway!

Capresso Coffee Maker

As I type this at 6:30 AM, I cannot wait for my morning coffee. My husband is the coffee maker in our house and he preps it as I get together breakfast for the kids. During quarantine, we stayed with my parents up north for 2 months and love their Capresso coffee maker and wanted to try out one for ourselves. We were always a Keurig family before and I honestly just got sick of it. When it recently broke, we realized that we wanted to go back to a regular coffee maker. 

**Keep reading for a Capresso MT900 coffee maker and Grillo's Pickles giveaway!

I was sent the Capresso MT900 10-Cup Rapid Brew and I'm totally obsessed. It makes the coffee really quickly and it tastes way stronger than my old Keurig was making it. It has an extra large showerhead for the best extraction of the beans. 

The water tank is removable which I absolutely love because it saves a step from having to pour the water into the pot and then into the water tank. I have to say, aside from the great taste, my favorite thing about this Capresso pot is the way that it looks. I think that it has such a sleek look and it looks great on my counter. I do not like a lot of things taking space on my counters but this looks great. I would highly recommend this coffee maker and hope that my husband wakes up soon so he can brew our coffee haha! 

Grillo's Pickles

I'll cut to the chase, these pickles are the very best pickles in the world! Grillo's Pickles are super crunchy and have the best flavor. I cannot get enough of them. I ate these a bunch when I was pregnant. Maybe that is why all of my kids love pickles? My favorite is the Italian dill spears but everything is delicious. The new item to me is the pickle de gallo. It features chopped up dill pickles with red peppers and onions. We have been enjoying it on hot dogs. It is very tasty but has less of a sour dill flavor than the pickles. A fun alternative to relish!

SuperFat Keto Cookies

When I was offered these keto cookies to try, I wasn't sure how they would taste since they are keto. While I do not endorse a keto diet, I do like to try different kinds of products and think that a variety of foods can fit into our diets. I really loved the flavor of these keto cookies! They are crunchy and taste just like a chocolate chip cookie. They are pretty crumbly though which I didn't mind. They have no added sugar and are grain free. They are mostly made with almonds and coconut flour. They're sweetened with stevia. A good alternative to regular cookies!


The giveaway will be for a Capresso MT900 coffee maker to one reader and a variety of Grillo's pickles swag and coupons for free pickles to another reader!
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Samples were provided for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I would love to win the coffee maker, we love our coffee here.

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  3. I want the coffee maker for sure.

  4. I'm a coffee fanatic, so I would love to have the coffee maker but pickles are good too!

  5. I would love to have the coffee maker. I love my coffee!

  6. My family would love the pickles!!!!

  7. I would love to wine the coffee maker, but the pickles seem awesome and want to try them.

  8. I'm a coffee fanatic, so I would love to have the coffee maker but pickles are good too!

  9. I would love the coffee maker.It sounds amazing.

  10. I would like to win the coffee maker.


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