September 30, 2020

3 Delicious Snack Bars Review

A review of Healthy Crunch, Made Good and Good to Go bars.

Healthy Crunch

I'm loving these flavorful products from Healthy Crunch! The chocolate banana sunseed butter and the dark chocolate coconut chips are really good on their own and made into muffins. My kids went crazy for muffins I made with the two and these disappeared in one day. Their granola bars have less sugar than other bars and are gluten-free and peanut-free which can be good for kids who are back in school for school lunches if their school is peanut-free. I really want to try their chia jam next!

Good To Go Bars

I love these soft cookie-like bars from Good To Go. My favorite is the Blueberry Cashew which reminds me of a mix between a cookie and a blueberry muffin. These bars are keto for anyone interested in that. They have 2 grams of sugar and 7 grams of fiber. My kids will love these because they are soft and they'll think they are like a cookie. These are different than other bars I usually eat so I like throwing in a different kind of bar to switch it up.

MadeGood Snacks

My kids are loving these soft baked mini cookies from Made Good- even Adalyn who doesn't ever want to eat a bar but when presented in cookie form, she loved them. These snacks are made with whole grains, have veggies added and are organic. A great healthier option that still tastes great. Each snack has 6 hidden veggies in them. 

My kids do like and eat their veggies normally but it certainly doesn't hurt to have a boost of nutrients added to their snack. They are nut-free so they are safe for school for schools that do not allow nuts. The little granola minis are fun and our baby loves the granola bars. FYI, on Amazon, they sell a variety pack of a bunch of the MadeGood snacks so you can try a big variety of them all together.

Samples were provided for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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