October 05, 2020

Adalyn is 6!

Our big girl Adalyn is 6 years old! I debated on whether I should write a post or not but you know what, I want to remember everything about this age so I am writing it! We celebrated with a small party at my parent's farm for her and it was perfect. Hopefully we can have a bigger party next year and include her friends.

This is everything going on with Adalyn at age 6:
-She is the absolute best big sister in the world and helps her siblings out all the time. She is so compassionate to Oliver and Lily. I learn compassion from Adalyn on a daily basis. 

-She has lost 6 teeth so far and 2 more are wiggly.

-She is in the 75% for height.

-She is a fantastic reader and we practice everyday. She just finished reading the Henry and Mudge book series which is 28 books!!

-On another note, the sibling fights have definitely started between Adalyn and Oliver and I feel like I am playing referee all the time.

-Adalyn loves to run and bike. We are joining a running club at our church and she and I go on bike rides all the time.

-She finally loves dolls and is obsessed with Barbies and American Girl dolls. She got the American Girl doll for her birthday that she has been asking for for months. She was so excited!

-Adalyn always wore dresses every day but lately, has been loving to wear more like workout clothes instead. She loves being sporty!

-There is nothing in life that she loves more than sleepovers with any of her grandparents and special 1:1 time spent with anyone. She loves having a date with her daddy in front of the fireplace, a special bike ride with me, a sleepover at Babci's house where they go to McDonald's, etc. Adalyn thrives with special time with people.

-She has taken our dog Jaxen and basically became his owner. He has quiet time with her and sleeps with her every night. She has him wrapped around her finger. He knows that Adalyn is the boss now! She talks so sweet to him and rubs his belly and he loves it.

-Bedtime is still tough because my little bugger comes down at least a couple of times and won't go to bed. Previously, she was taking naps so we thought it was because of that but she hasn't taken naps for over a year now. We are constantly talking to her about needing sleep to be able to grow and to do well for school. She gets lots of exercise but still has trouble falling asleep. She has 3000000 different reasons why she needs to come downstairs after she is put to bed: another hug, needs water, needs a bandaid, has a hangnail, needs chapstick, is too hot, is too cold, etc. Ahhh!

-We are doing school online at least through January and Mommy is her main teacher. Adalyn is an incredible student so it is going as well as possible. 

-Adalyn is my errand buddy and comes with me on most errands. She is like a little BFF.

-Favorite foods: stuffed grape leaves and hot dogs. Also she is obsessed with gum!

-Favorite color: red

-When she grows up, she wants to be a dentist

Adalyn Grace, you are my best friend and we love you so much! Keep being the energetic, outgoing and caring young lady you are.

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  1. A lovely young lady. Happy Birthday!

  2. Aww, such great pictures and a fun post! I'm glad you shared it. I can't believe she's six...what?! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ADALYN!!


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