October 14, 2020

The Best Tips for Fresh Breath

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The best tips for fresh breath include how often to brush, flossing, using mouthwash, and eating foods that help with fresh breath!

It is so important to have good oral hygiene so that your teeth and mouth are healthy. Part of that is having fresh breath! My sister Natalie is a dental assistant, so I reached out to her for some tips for fresh breath including some of what I already know. I am excited to share with you the best tips for fresh breath.

The Best Tips for Fresh Breath

1. Have a regular oral care routine

For fresh breath and a healthy smile, is it important to take regular care of your teeth and mouth. My dentist recommends brushing at least twice a day and flossing once a day. Regular care will help reduce the plaque in your mouth which leads to smelly breath.

2. Brush your teeth well

It is recommended to brush your teeth for two minutes at least twice a day. Personally, I like to brush my teeth at least 3 times per day for fresh breath. It is important to brush for the whole two minutes to ensure that you are spending enough time getting plaque off.

3. Floss daily

Before I brush my teeth one of the times each day, I floss my teeth. Sometimes, I like using the little plastic flossers because they are easy to use, and therefore I am more likely to do it really quickly than skipping it. Having stuff between your teeth can definitely lead to bad breath, so I make sure that I floss regularly.

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4. Use LISTERINE® Mouthwash

I have been a fan of LISTERINE® mouthwash for years and just started using these new flavors of mouthwash that are fantastic, including the LISTERINE® Coconut + Lime Blend Mouthwash and LISTERINE® Green Tea + Mint Blend Mouthwash. I use these twice a day after brushing my teeth. You just swish it around for 30 seconds to reach all areas of your mouth.

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They skip the alcohol for a less intense taste. These flavors are limited edition botanically-inspired flavor blends.

5. Don't forget to brush your tongue

My sister and the dentists at her office recommend using a tongue scraper to remove bacteria that lives on your tongue. They also recommend to brush your tongue gently with a toothbrush to keep your breath smelling good.

6. Chew Gum Made with Xylitol

Xylitol which is a sugar alcohol found in gum increases the salivary flow in your mouth reducing the risk of dry mouth. Dry mouth can cause decay and bad breath because your mouth isn't properly being flushed with saliva. This would especially be helpful if you are out and about during the day and can't brush your teeth.

7. Make regular dental appointments

Cleanings twice a year are important to remove plaque that has built up on your teeth and to make sure that there is no decay in your mouth. At your appointments, your dentist can give you tips for fresher breath and let you know what areas you may need to work on.

8. Eat fresh fruits and veggies

Eating fresh produce can help with fresh breath by producing more saliva which cleans out the odor producing bacteria in your mouth. Foods like apples and carrots can act as a natural toothbrush and can partially clean off your teeth as you chew them.

Oral health is so important and therefore, I follow all of these tips for fresh breath and healthy teeth.

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