November 24, 2020

Lily's 15 and 16 Month Update

What is Lily's big update this set of 15-16 months? She is walking! Not all the time but pretty frequently though she still crawls about 50% of the time. Update- right when she turned 16 months, she starting walking 100% of the time. Lots of falling but no more crawling! Lots of fun things going on at 16 months old.

Clothing size- 12 months and 18 months

Diaper size- 3

Weight- around 20 lbs- petite but perfect

Sleep- Lily goes to bed around 7 PM and wakes up around 7 PM. At 15 months, she was sleeping in until 8:30-9 AM when she was first learning to take steps which was crazy. She takes 1 nap at around noon till 3 PM. She is a great sleeper and sleeps in her crib with a heavy sleepsack on and with a blanket on top.

Eating- Lily loves all foods. I would say some of her favorites are eating an entire whole apple, anything cooked into quesadilla form, pizza, tomatoes from our garden and more. She is an awesome eater and likes flavor on her food. Plain chicken gets ignored but add some sauce or spices and she will gobble it up. She loves to be fed yogurt and oatmeal. She feeds herself anything that can be picked up and something super messy like yogurt, we feed to her. There are not any foods that she will not eat that I can think of. She nurses when she wakes up and at bedtime. She is obsessed with "agua" water and asks for all day long.


-Right at 15 months old, Lily started taking steps. She was super lazy about it at first (sorry Lily!) where we would have to make her do it but now, we look over and she is walking. She still has a Frankenstein kind of walk which is super cute. I am not worried and know she will fully walk when she wants to. There is no lack of ability to walk, she just loves to fast crawl lots of places half of the time. Update- right at 16 months, Lily started walking 100% of the time and gets better and better every day with less falls and more of a normal looking walk.

-Lily can climb anything so we need to watch her really carefully with this. Her older siblings are bad about leaving their stepstool by the kitchen counter so Lily has definitely been found up there with things she should not have. We like to joke that she can climb anything but still was choosing not to walk.

-We have battled pretty bad diaper rash since the start of the summer off and on and haven't been able to kick it fully. She is on two prescription diaper creams which helps but it does come back.

-Lily was so mean to Adalyn and was pretty indifferent to Oliver for awhile and now, she is obsessed with them both. She gives them kisses and hugs, says "Ada" and "Oliver" all the time and is so excited to see them. She thinks she is a big kid and wants to wrestle with them.

-She loves her grandparents and gets super excited to see them. She knows who everyone is and when you ask her "where is ___?" she looks right at the person.

-Her words are mom, dada, agua (water), Hop (my dad), Baba (Babci- my mom), Ada, Oliver, "na" snack, hi, bye bye, daw (dog), baw (ball) and "mo" more.

-She loves playing at playgrounds for hours at a time. 

-Lily loves to joke around, blow bubbles, make silly faces and sounds, play peek-a-boo and just laugh and be silly.

-She could care less about TV and would rather be playing. She loves crawling up the stairs, playing in the playroom, take stuff out of kitchen drawers, dumping the dog's water and more.

-Lily loves to blow kisses and gives kisses on the lips. Her favorite person to kiss is Dada.

-Still has 6 little teeth though it doesn't stop her from demolishing an entire apple.

Life is so good with Lily. We are excited for the holidays as a family!

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  1. Super cute article.i loved reading it. Lily is getting older and she is well surrounded.


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