January 13, 2021

Lily's 17-18 Month Update

Lily is 1 1/2 years old! Life is totally crazy with her. She is ALWAYS on the go and never stops getting into mischief. Life is good!

Clothing Size: 12 months and 18 months clothes. Size 3 diapers.

Weight: 21 1/2 lbs according to our home scale (same as Oliver at this age)

Eating: We just stopped breastfeeding a week before 18 months old. Lily barely even noticed. It was a good run- I breastfed the 3 kids for 53 months total. Crazy!

Lily is a great eater and eats everything we do. She is using silverware a lot better now and it was totally our fault that she wasn't using it before because we forgot to give her it for a long time. She likes us loading up her fork and she feeds herself with it.

She asks for "na" all day long which means snacks. Right after a huge meal, she asks for snacks. It was like that with Adalyn too. She loves berries, pizza, yogurt, oranges, bars, apples and tons more.

Sleep: Lily sleeps from about 7 PM till 7:30-8 AM. Sometimes, she sleeps in crazy late until about 9:30 AM. She takes 1 long nap per day from about 12-3 PM. She sleeps in a heavy sleepsack but we find her without it over half of the time.


-Lily is walking so well that she is now nearly running. She never sits down and is on the move 100% of the time she is awake besides when she in her high chair eating. She just learned how to kick a ball.

-As I mentioned, Lily loves to get into mischief and can often be found on top of the kitchen table, sucking on markers, writing on the wall, dumping the dog water out or eating toothpaste. Life is crazy with her right now and we are always finding her getting into things.

-She loves to talk and can say: mama, dada, Oliver, Ada, doggy, nana (banana), baby, Happy Birthday to You, Jesus, agua (water), hi, bye, Hop (my dad), hot, Nana (my sister), Baba (my mom) and probably more. She says agua for many things which makes it very hard to know what she wants because it could mean anything.

-Can point to her head, belly, nose and teeth. We are working on learning body parts now.

-She goes around the house singing Happy Birthday To You all day long. Even though she doesn't have a ton of words, she is amazing at singing that!! After she finishes singing, she pretends to blow out candles!

-Lily loves to sing and dance. If you put on a song for her, she can be found dancing almost instantly. She loves the song Old McDonald. 

-She celebrated her second Christmas and could have cared less about the presents. She is obsessed with carrying around a toy phone, pushing around the toy grocery cart, playing with sippy cups and putting them all over the house, and her Bitty Baby baby doll.

-She loves her siblings but if she doesn't want them to do something like hug her, she will scream like crazy. I guess that's her way of getting heard being the third child!

-She loves to laugh, be tickled, growling at people saying "dada", being wrestled and tossed on the bed.

-Lily has 8 teeth in front and 4 molars in the back. 

-Lily loves playing on the playground, going on slides, swings and especially climbing.

Life is great with Lily and I can't wait to see her develop more!

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