September 09, 2021

Tips for Baking with Kids

This post has been sponsored by Betty Crocker. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Tips for Baking with Kids including how to make baking fun and less stressful so you can make more memories with your kids!

My kids are ages 6, 4, and 2 and I love to get in the kitchen with them and cook and bake. You may remember that when I wrote my cookbook 30 Minute Family Cookbook, my 6 year old Adalyn helped with a bunch of the recipes! I think it is important to teach kids basic cooking and baking skills at a young age so that they are comfortable cooking when they are adults. Plus, it is a lot of fun! I'm going to show you how my kids and I love making the Betty Crocker™ Birthday Cake Cookie Cups together.

Tips for Baking with Kids

1. Set ingredients out ahead of time

My number one tip for sanity for myself while baking in the kitchen with kids is to set the ingredients out ahead of time. It makes it a lot easier for you to not be running around the entire time, and then your toddler won't be cracking an egg on the ground while you are looking for sugar in the cupboard! I just set out all of the ingredients on the counter together so when you need them in the recipe, they are right there.

2. Use a baking mix to make it easier

I love using baking mixes because they save a lot of time and energy but are still delicious. I am not a huge baker myself and often turn to mixes. When cooking with younger kids, baking mixes are an amazing way to bake with kids because it makes it so much easier to bake and it saves time. 

I know that a couple of my kids only want to help for a few minutes so the Betty Crocker™ Birthday Cake Cookie Cups from Meijer are awesome. They're super fun to make and my kids think that they're delicious. We love the birthday cake, rainbow candy and peanut butter fudge flavors. We pickup the ingredients for them as well as other baking supplies at Meijer. I love that I can grab a sheet pan, measuring spoons and any other baking supplies I need all in one place.

These Betty Crocker Cookie Cups are so fun! They feature a little cookie cup and then you fill it with a chocolate filling or frosting and sprinkle with candy or sprinkles on top. You know my kids love this! The only hard part is making sure they don't eat all of the candy before it makes it onto the cookie cup!

To make these cookie cups, all you need is butter and water. When baking with my kids, I always think that simpler is better so this is perfect. The kit includes the baking cups so you don't even need to buy them separately. First, you make and bake the cookie cups, then you fill them with the frosting or chocolate filling and then top with candy. These would be fun to make for a party. (If you don't eat them all first!)

I love that this kit comes with almost everything you need and comes in flavors that my whole family would love. They are super easy and quick to make!

3. Don't worry too much about a mess

This one is kind of hard for me because I like to keep things tidy while cooking and baking. When you bring kids into the kitchen, they are going to be messy. That's just the way that it is! The sooner you can accept it, the more fun you will have. I know that when my kids pour ingredients into a bowl, a little is going to spill out. That is okay! When I am in a rush, that is not the time I bring my kids into the kitchen to cook. Choose to bake and cook with kids when you have a little extra time.

4. Make it light and fun

You want kids to enjoy cooking and baking so make it fun! Be silly! Give them a job to do that they will love. Let them sample the ingredients as you go (as long as they are safe to eat). This helps make lasting memories!

5. Teach while you bake

There is so much that you can teach kids while baking. You can teach them about fractions with 1/2 and 1/4 cup measurements. You can teach them the difference between a teaspoon and a tablespoon. You can teach counting for how many cups of flour you're pouring into the bowl. You know I have to say that as a dietitian, I believe you can teach kids all about nutrition as you cook and bake by sharing what each ingredient is good for, what it does for your body and what nutrients it has.

I hope that you have an awesome time getting in the kitchen and making lasting memories with your kids. When my kids become adults, I hope that they have the skills to cook and bake, and I hope they love being in the kitchen. I can't wait to hear about the silly and fun memories that my kids have of baking in the kitchen with mom!


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