February 09, 2022

Bavarian Inn Winter Getaway- Frankenmuth, MI

A family winter getaway to Bavarian Inn Lodge in Frankenmuth, Michigan! Lots of pools, hot tubs, water slides, putt putt golf, a delicious chicken dinner and more.
We recently had the amazing opportunity to visit the Bavarian Inn in Frankenmuth, Michigan. I've been visiting Frankenmuth my entire life. My family would go about once a year together and we would have the classic Bavarian Inn chicken dinner together. I thought that I had never stayed at the Bavarian Inn lodge but after being there, I remembered going there for a friend's birthday when I was about in middle school. I can't wait to tell you about our amazing trip to Frankenmuth!

Visit the Bavarian Inn Lodge

We chose a Saturday-Sunday in February to visit Frankenmuth and the Bavarian Inn. It was a great time of year to visit because there is so much to do inside despite the weather being freezing outside. My top impression of the Bavarian Inn is that it was so much more fun than I thought it was going to be. 

Our entire family had a blast! We are already planning our return trip. The kids will not stop asking when we are going back so I know that they had a blast. Seriously, this trip was amazing for our kid's ages- 7, almost 5, 2 1/2. 

Where to Stay in Frankenmuth

The Bavarian Inn Lodge was amazing to stay at! The room was large, the bathroom was huge and we were in a really great location near the Family Fun Center. Let me tell you about this family fun center. It has 4 pools, 2 incredible water slides and multiple hot tubs. This was the the favorite part of the trip for the kids for sure. 

All they wanted do to was to be in the water. The hot tub was huge and family friendly. The water slides were way better and more exciting than you would ever imagine at a hotel. The kids went on the water slides over and over again. They were thrilling for parent's too. 

Troy and I had so much fun at the extremely adorable putt putt golf course! It is 18 holes and we played while the kids ran around. They have a giant arcade and we had a lot of fun playing different games together. There is also a super cute indoor playground for kids that all 3 of my kids enjoyed called the Children's Village.

Lily loved the shallow kid's pool and the hot tub especially. She keeps asking to go back to the hotel and wants another chicken dinner.

Everything was nicer than I thought it would be to be really honest. I've already been looking at dates to return with my family. We are a family that loves the outdoors so I would love to come back when the weather is a little nicer to see more of the river that runs through Frankenmuth. 

Where to Eat in Frankenmuth

You can't visit Frankenmuth without getting the chicken dinner at The Bavarian Inn. It is an experience! It is about a 10 course meal serving German style food. The waiters and waitresses are dressed in German clothing. I am German and it was really cool to show the kids a little German heritage. 

Oliver was 100% there for the Bavarian Inn homemade root beer which was served in the cutest glass mugs. Adalyn and Lily were all about the noodle soup. I love the buttered noodles and Troy loves the fried chicken. It is a must-do experience to have the chicken dinner in Frankenmuth. Don't forget to visit the shops underneath the restaurant afterwards.

Other Things to Do In/Near Frankenmuth

-We love shopping at Birch Run outlets which is about 10 minutes away from Frankenmuth. We did a bunch of shopping there before we came to Frankenmuth.
-Frankenmuth has a bunch of cute shops to shop around at including lots of fudge and salt water taffy. I recommend checking out all of the shops.

Our stay and chicken dinner was provided by the Bavarian Inn. All opinions are my own.

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