April 13, 2022

Oliver is 5!

Oliver is 5!! I haven't done a kid update in awhile but I know some of you have followed me for forever- my blog is 12 years old now and like the kiddo updates. Plus, I get to look back on these sweet memories for years to come. This is everything going on with Oliver at age 5!

-Superheroes are everything! He loves dressing up as a superhero, Nerf guns and all kinds of gadgets.

-Oliver loves preschool so much and oh my goodness, has he changed in the last year. He is so confident. It is amazing to see. He loves running right up to school each day and has no shyness issues like he did before.

-Oatmeal is life! He would choose oatmeal over anything. Sitting down at meals is always a struggle with this dude who loves to play.

-He has an amazing imagination and is always playing. He takes his time making homemade maps and playing all kinds of make believe like being a ghostbuster.

-Oliver loves his friends and is always asking for a playdate. He lives for spending time with his friends.

-He knows all of his letters, letters sounds and counting. He is learning to read and can slowly read basic beginning-to-read books. We are trying to work on this daily to get him ready for kindergarten.

-He is an awesome brother and at times, likes to be sweet to Lily. He always looks up to Adalyn and will do anything she says.

-He is so mechanical and can be found putting magnatiles together in cool configurations, drilling a real drill, taking apart flashlights and tinkering with them, rigging booby traps or tying different things together.

-Oliver is the clown in our house and is super silly and always makes us laugh.

-He wakes up at 7 AM on the dot every day for at least 3 years (he isn't allowed down before 7 so he watches the clock). He claims he sleeps with his eyes wide open and watches the clock all night long waiting for 7- he does not lol.

-Oliver is going to try soccer again this year after a major fail last year (he 100% refused to play). He has been playing basketball, is an expert 2 wheel biker, is a fast runner and a great swimmer. 

-He still naps 2-3 hours daily!! 

-He loves to wrestle with my dad or Troy. He loves to run and give people big hugs.

-Oliver is just a really easy going happy kid. Not too much trouble. Just happy to be there and enjoy life. 

We love you like crazy Oliver! 

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  1. Oh my gosh, Oliver in a bowtie is absolutely the BEST!! Although I also love the picture of him with the hairdryer! What a funny guy. Happy birthday, Oliver!!

  2. Aww! All of your kids are so precious!


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