April 11, 2022

Date Night at The H Hotel- Midland, MI

Date Night at The H Hotel- a beautiful hotel in Midland, MI with delicious food, a pool and hot tub and more!

Troy and I are celebrating 15 years together! Wow, time flies. For an early anniversary celebration, we spent a night at The H Hotel in Midland, MI. It was an awesome short trip that was a perfect staycation. Just 2 hours from the Detroit area, it was a quick getaway.

We visited in late March and unfortunately, the weather was not great. Troy and I love to hike and explore and we didn't get to as much as we would have liked. One thing we did that we loved is right behind The H Hotel, there is a place to walk called The Tridge which is a really pretty bridge that lights up at night. I want to visit again when there isn't spring flooding going on.

My favorite part was our dinner at ONe Eighteen. It was a gorgeous restaurant and we had so much fun just having a super leisure dinner where we didn't rush to go anywhere. We stayed 2 1/2 hours which is crazy for us! 

The appetizers were great, I got a burger and Troy was thrilled with his mahi mahi. One of my favorite parts was the peanut butter banana cheesecake- yes it was as amazing as it sounds! 

The next day, we had another awesome dining experience at Cafe Zinc. Seriously the cutest breakfast spot. Troy and I getting to chat and drink coffee is always a top experience! We were really hungry after a big workout in the gym (more on that below) so we ordered a lot. 

I loved the croissant, fruit and steel cut oats. Troy was in heaven with his chorizo omelet. I highly recommend both restaurants for a meal. 

The H Hotel has a top notch gym with  tons of different machines. Troy loved using a variety of the equipment and so did I. The treadmill even had solitaire on it! We got an awesome workout in that morning which left us feeling good all day. They also have a pool and hot tub which we hit up after dinner on the first day we were there.

The rooms at The H Hotel are very up to date and spacious. The bed was comfortable and the shower was great. There was a huge couch to relax on which was nice for having a drink in the evening. Prices for the hotel were about $170 per night when I looked which I didn't think was bad for a super nice hotel.

We wondered around the hotel and it it looks like a great place to have a wedding or to have a large event. Everything is beautifully decorated. In the nicer weather months, they have free bikes to rent so I definitely want to return for that because we love to explore outside.

There is the Dow Diamond, a minor league baseball stadium within walking distance. I want to return in the summer with the kids. Dow Gardens is also nearby which we quickly visited but it had a real feel of 8 degrees so we didn't get the experience that we wanted to. I can't wait to return with the kids when the flowers are growing and it is warm out! 

If you're looking for a luxury hotel getaway, I highly recommend The H Hotel. 

Thank you to The H Hotel for hosting our stay!

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