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Products I've Reviewed and Love!

These are not all of my favorite products but after being able to use these products for some time, here are some of my favorites:

-Packit Lunchbag

-Chobani Greek Yogurt

-Dream Water

-Arctic Zero- yum so tasty!! Good plain and in smoothies.

-Coobie Bra

-Dei Fratelli Tomatoes

-Barleans Fish Oil- great source of omega 3s, I take these every morning

-Power Butter- high protein, very filling

-P28 Protein Bread

-Luster Premium White- has a strong different taste but whitens your teeth well.

More to come as I keep reviewing products!


  1. Hi,

    Love your blog concept -- a bit different from the norm and great to see someone promoting healthy eating. : )

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    Have a great week.


  2. Connie from Girl Tech Divas is your newest fan from the Monday Blog Hop. Would love it if you can hop by and follow back!

  3. I really like the Packit lunchbag,have a nice monday dear !

  4. The lunch bag looks really cool!

  5. I actually won that lunch box from another site and I love it too!!

    And of course the yogurt I won from you xD That is some goooooooood stuff!


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