May 29, 2013

Bai 5 Review

Bai 5 is a company that makes low-calorie fruity beverages. Each serving contains only 5 calories and is full of flavor. The Bai 5 beverages come in 9 different flavors. I was sent one of each to try and review on my blog.
My favorite flavor was the limu lemonade. It was very refreshing on a hot summer day. I had to drive from my first job to my second job and drank this on the way. It gave me some energy from the 35 milligrams of caffeine per serving and was refreshing. I did add some water to mine since I like my drinks only lightly sweetened.

My husband's favorite beverage was the Bai 5 dragonfruit. He said that it tasted very unique and flavorful. He could not tell that it only had 5 calories per serving. They do contain artificial sweetener which I think is okay to drink on occasion. I believe that you have to pick your battles between sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Here is some information about Bai 5:
All of our beverages are 100% natural, coffeefruit-infused, antioxidant-rich, only 5 calories, gluten free, and naturally sweetened (only 1 gm of sugar in each serving). Bai 5-Calorie Antioxidant Infusions are available in nine exotic fruit flavors. There are 35 mg of natural caffeine in each serving - about the equivalent of that found in a cup of green tea.

Buy it here.

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  1. I started drinking these on a regular basis the moment I found out I was expecting a little one, in attempts to cut sugar and caffeine as much as possible. The more I read about this product, the more grateful I am to have discovered it! No artificial sweeteners, most of the sweeteners found in it are already in some fruits naturally, and also already produced in the body. Have not tried a flavor U haven't absolutely loved, Kula Watermelon and Andes Coconut Lime are amongst my favorites. Anyone reading this that us trying to cut caffeine and sugar intake, I highly recommend trying this product today!


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