May 30, 2013

Raw Crunch Bar Review and Giveaway

How I first found Raw Crunch bars was by the recommendation of another blogger, Food Babe. She is against processed ingredients and only recommends very healthy foods. She stated that this is the only pre-made bar that she would recommend to clients. When I heard this, I wanted to try the Raw Crunch bars for myself.

The bars come in four different flavors: blueberry, goji berry, cranberry and chocolate. These bars use all raw ingredients and are unprocessed. They are hand made fresh for each order and are dehydrated. The only ingredient that is not raw is the organic dark chocolate pieces in the bars. They are gluten free, GMO free and dairy free.
These are the only ingredients in the bars: either cranberries, goji berries, blueberries or chocolate, cashews, sea salt, sesame seeds, flax seeds, honey, macadamia nuts, pecans, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. They literally have no bad or artificial ingredients.

How do they taste? They are very tasty! I enjoyed the blueberry Raw Crunch bar which was full of sesame seeds. I preferred my bar cold since it was falling apart a bit at room temperature. I put it in the fridge for a bit and then ate it.

The bars are quite low in calories too. One bar is 150 calories, 10 grams of fat, 3 grams of fiber, 5 grams of sugar and 5 grams of protein. The ingredient list and nutritional facts are pretty impressive for these bars.
The giveaway will be for a box of mixed flavors of Raw Crunch Bars.
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