May 31, 2013

SunRidge Farms Review

SunRidge Farms is a company that sells different kinds of nuts, trail mixes and dried fruit. For my review, I chose some of each of their types of products to try including turkish organic apricots, deluxe trail mix, pine nuts and cranberry harvest mix.

As I have posted before, I love dried fruit. A bag of dried fruit does not stand a chance in my house. This was the first product that I tried. These were soft and fresh. They are darker in color that the ones at most stores which I have found is typical for organic dried apricots. These were tasty. I may chop some up and throw them in my oatmeal or in some oatmeal cookies.

Another product that I was excited about was the pine nuts. These little nuts can add so much flavor to your meals. Of course, they are a common ingredient in pesto but can also be used for more. I like toasting them lightly in a pan and tossing them in a fresh, flavorful summer pasta dish.

The trail mixes make perfect snacks for on the go. I like to keep a bag of this trail mix in my desk at work for when I get hungry. These products were all tasty and fresh. I enjoyed trying these from SunRidge Farms.

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