June 08, 2014

Mom-to-Be Beauty Products Giveaway

1. PrettyMommies - I was sent the PrettyMommies skin brightener, SPF 30 suncreen and facial cleanser to try out. They are a line of skin care products that are safe for pregnant women and new moms. I really like the sunscreen especially which helps to protect my skin in this hot weather that we have been having. It is a 3 step system: first, use the cleanser, then the skin brightener, then the sunscreen. Pregnant women often get melasma so using sunscreen is important to help it from getting any worse. This set is really cute and would make a good gift for part of a baby shower gift.

Summer Sky Organics
2. Summer Sky Organics- This belly oil from Summer Sky Organics is my favorite. It sprays out nicely, is not greasy and smells great like mandarin vanilla. I have been using this daily for a few weeks and really like it. If my husband is around when I am about to put it on, he asks if he can put it on my belly instead (aww). I was also sent some products for baby including baby all over balm, baby powder and baby nourishing oil. I like that these products are organic so that they are not filled with harmful products that could hurt the baby. Finally, the lavender cleansing bar is very calming and great for washing up with.

CureDiva Acquaella Nail Polish
3. CureDiva Acquaella Nail Polish- This nail polish is good for pregnant women because it is water based and non-toxic. Instead of drying out your nails, it can actually help to hydrate them and prevents chipping, peeling and yellowing that occurs with other nail products. What's nice is that it does not have a toxic smell either. This polish requires no base or top coat which is awesome to help save time.

The giveaway will be for the 3 PrettyMommies products (cleanser, skin brightener and sunscreen) to one reader. 

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  1. I am newly pregnant and all the the 3PrettyMommies products sounds fantastic. I will definitely be looking into their products to use for my and my future little bundle.

  2. My Daughter-In-Law would Love Love Love this product!


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