June 09, 2014

Whisper Diaper Pail Review and Giveaway

Whisper Diaper Pail
When researching baby registry must-haves, I was overwhelmed at the options for many different items including diaper pails. Right from the get-go, I knew that I did not want a pail that required special bags. I am a frugal person and did not want to have to go to Babies R Us or something similar to purchase special and 
expensive bags.

Whisper Diaper Pail
I found out about the Whisper Diaper Pail which uses regular kitchen trash bags and was so excited about it (yes, I know, really). This seemed like the perfect option for my family. I considered buying a regular trash can but from what other moms said, it seemed like the smell would stink up the room way too much. The nursery is located on the second floor and I would imagine that I will do most of the diaper changes there (and by I, I also mean my husband ; )). I knew that I needed something with high ratings and that kept the smell to a minimum. 

Whisper Diaper Spray
The pail is odor-free, hands-free and worry-free. It has a tight fitting top lid as well as an inner lid with a secure trap door and a spray system that reduces odor. It has a foot pedal which is going to be so convenient to throw the dirty diaper in the pail after a diaper change. It closes on its own and keeps dirty diapers out of site. The ODOGard spray is safe around people and pets and has a child-proof lock to keep kids out of the pail.

Whisper Diaper Pail
From the reviews that I have read, it seems like this pail will be perfect for keeping the nursery smelling fresh. This diaper pail uses 6-8 gallon plastic bags. The Whisper Diaper Pail is for sale on Amazon.com for $64.99.

The giveaway will be for a Whisper Diaper Pail to one reader ($64.99 value).
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  2. I would love to win this for my daughter due in september :)

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  4. I would like to keep this at my mother in laws because she is getting where babies will come by and visit and she doesnot have anything to put the diapers in (other than the trash can). Thank you



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