September 08, 2014

Mrs. Patel's Milk Boosting Giveaway

Mrs. Patel's Fenugreen Bars
As an almost-mom-to-be (due in just 9 days!!), I have done all that I can to prepare for our baby to be born. That includes doing lots and lots of research on breastfeeding. I hope to be able to exclusively breastfeed our baby until solid food is introduced. Many people deal with issues related to supply and there are certain foods and supplements that can help with your milk supply.

I recently read about Mrs. Patel's which makes products that help to increase your milk supply. The company was kind enough to send me some of these products to try. I have them ready to go for when baby is born so that I can start taking them.

Mrs. Patel's Milk Boosting products
The munch crunch is a mix of sesame seeds, dill seeds, fennel, flax seeds, ajwain, turmeric and lemon. This can help increase your milk supply as well as help with digestion. They can be eaten plain, sprinkled on yogurt, tossed on a salad or put into a vinaigrette.

The milk water tea comes in a few different kinds and I chose the chai tea flavor. It incorporates cinnamon, cloves, dill, rooibos, alfalfa leaves and cardamom. The tea is caffeine free for those who are trying to avoid caffeine. This product is only recommended for after delivery and also helps to increase milk supply. I look forward to sipping a cup of this for late evenings and early mornings with baby!

Mrs. Patel's Fenugreek Bars
The final product that I was sent is the Mrs. Patel's fenugreek bars. These bars come in three different kinds including original, chocolate and peanut butter. They are made with fenugreek flour which helps to increase milk supply. I froze my bars which can be done for up to 3 months so they are ready to go when baby gets here. They also have lots of nutritious ingredients such as poppy seeds, ghee and coconut which help increase the quality of your milk and other ingredients that enhance postpartum healing.

I look forward to trying out these Mrs. Patel's products to help increase milk supply when our little one gets here.

The giveaway will be for the Mrs. Patel's gift package which includes the fenugreek bars, milk water tea and munch crunch ($34 value!).
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  1. I had every intention of breast feeding exclusively when I gave birth in June but right away my son had no interest in the breasts. Babies have to eat and if they don't latch in after 24 hours after they are born, the nurses will bring a bottle to give them some nourishment in the form of formula. Your milk supply can take several days to come in--mine took 5 days. I started pumping right away but I could only pump half of what my baby needed. Right now my son is 12 weeks old and he drinks 4 oz, 8 times a day. I supplement about half of each of his bottles. I just do not make enough milk. I tried regular Fenugreek tablets for a month and no luck. It's crazy how we can plan things out and then babies and situations change. Just know any milk you can give your baby at all is liquid gold. If you decide to pump exclusively, the baby is still getting fed. I have learned to not be too hard on myself and be grateful for any situation and just breathe.

  2. My son was actually spoon fed breastmilk in the hospital so they don't always give a bottle. We had a problem latching (painful), but I fed when hungry (even when it was every hour). Went over a year with my second and it was almost sad to stop!


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