March 28, 2015

KidzCanDesign Review

KidzCanDesign Personalized Necklace
Today, I have the neatest company ever to share with you!! It is called KidzCanDesign and is a company that sells personalized jewelry with your child's art, handprint, picture, etc. The reason that I am so excited about it is because the jewelry looks just like Adalyn and I cannot believe it.

KidzCanDesign Personalized Necklace
I ordered two necklaces for my review and they both turned out perfect. I showed a friend the necklace and she even said that it looked just like Adalyn. I think that the necklaces are very affordable at only $59.99 each (starting at). For having your child on a piece of jewelry, that is a great price.

Here is the picture of Adalyn that I sent in to compare it to the necklace.

I would definitely do this for a gift for people or would ask for it for a gift for myself (Mother's Day anyone?!?). You can choose a classic finish, antique finish or gold over silver. I chose one that was classic and one gold over silver. I am more of a gold person so I like that necklace a bit more.

Here is the gold necklace- too precious!

As you can tell, I am a huge fan of KidzCanDesign and would definitely recommend them.

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