March 29, 2015

The First Years Feeding Review

The First Years Feeding Silverware
Feeding Adalyn is one of my favorite things! It is so fun to give her new foods that she has not tried yet. I was sent some great products from The First Years which will be great for feeding baby and for when she is a toddler.

The First Years Feeding Silverware

Right now, she can use the adorable Disney spoon which she is gnawing on in these photos- she loves it! 

The First Years Toddler Feeding Set
We were sent some sippy cups, the inside scoop bowl and the inside scoop section plate. The bowl and plate have curved rips to help your child feed themselves easier. It allows them to put more food on their fork or spoon. 

The First Years Feeding Silverware
Also, we were sent a Disney princess potty which we are putting away for when that time comes. I am hoping that having a fun looking potty will help Adalyn with potty training??

The First Years Sippy Cups
My husband is a huge Disney fan and loves these Disney princess sippy cups that we sent! They have a one piece lid which makes it simpler to clean. The other cups that we were sent have a simple straw to use which Adalyn will use when she is older.

I love the items that we were sent from The First Years and we look forward to using them.

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  1. Being a dad of 5 kids and 4 of them girls, I have to say you have one beautiful baby girl. Very beautiful baby!


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