August 18, 2015

Kidgets Diapers Review

Kidgets Diapers

Babies go through diapers like crazy, especially in the first few months of their lives. Today, I'm sharing my Kidgets diapers review. Before Adalyn was born, I stocked up on diapers like crazy. So much so that I haven't really had to buy any since she was born and she is almost 11 months old!! I guess I went a little bit overboard during my nesting phase. I also felt like I had to purchase a ton of no added salt diced tomatoes but that is a story for a different day.

Diapers are quite expensive so I shopped sales and clipped coupons as much as I could to save money on diapers. We are not a brand specific family (although I do have my favorite brands) so I am willing to try all different kinds.

Kidgets Diapers Review

We were recently sent some Kidgets diapers to try which are sold at Family Dollar. We had success with these diapers. They worked just like other ones. These are a size bigger than Adalyn wears right now so that's why they look a bit large.

Family Dollar Diapers

Compared to other brands, these were lower in price which is great! You can find Kidgets diapers at Dollar General. Adalyn is constantly on the go right now and she was crawling all around outside in these diapers and they stood up great to her craziness.
They provided good leakage protection. The sides are stretchable and the outer layer is cloth-like so it is comfortable and gentle on baby's skin.

I love to find different brands of diapers that work just as well but are not as expensive as some of the name brands are. They fit the bill. I would buy them in the future and would recommend them to people trying to save money.

Where to Buy Kidgets Diapers

You can find Kidgets diapers at Family Dollar stores.

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