August 19, 2015

What Adalyn Eats For Lunch

As I have written about before, I love making food for Adalyn. I love watching her try new foods. I love her eating nutritious foods that I love. She is a pretty good eater which makes mealtimes more fun.
When it comes to making lunch for Adalyn (or dinner), we focus on giving her vegetables, some kind of grain and protein. This can vary quite a bit depending on what we are eating. She mostly eats what we are eating unless we are eating something too crunchy, spicy or salty. 

It is so nice to be able to give her what we are eating as opposed to making her separate meals all the time. Before I became a parent, I decided that I was not going to be a short order cook when I had kids and so far, I am sticking to that. My parents had us eating everything growing up and now I am a great eater so I plan to do the same with my kids. 

Sorry, kool-aid, cheetos and lunchables are not what you're having for lunch kid (although I think that these foods can be okay on occasion)! 

Here are some examples of what we give Adalyn for lunch or dinner:
-Mini whole-wheat bagel, raw zucchini, cooked tomatoes, homemade ground venison burger and broccoli

-Grilled salmon, brown rice, chickpeas, cucumber, tomato and green pepper

-Cubed cheese, fresh peach, cheerios and cooked asparagus

-A piece of pizza- diced into small cubes, cooked kale and tomatoes

As you can see, we try to stick to healthy options avoiding added salt and sugar. We try to steer clear of many processed foods and give her the most nutritious meals that we can. 

I do not plan to ever restrict her from eating foods that are less healthy. At a party, she can have cake and ice cream for example but most days, we will try to provide her with nutritious foods to support growing healthy and strong.

Adalyn always feeds herself. There is no feeding her! If we try, she cries and screams until we give her the food to feed herself. As you can imagine, this can get pretty darn messy! Therefore, we always keep wipes nearby the highchair so that we can wipe her down right when she is done eating.

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