March 23, 2016

Products Adalyn's Loving 2016 Part 2 + Giveaway

1. Pediped Shoes

Since Adalyn has started walking, I notice that she does best with high quality shoes. Sometimes cheap boots or other cheaply made shoes make her trip more, etc. I love shoes from Pediped! Adalyn had some of these this past year and she wore them all the time. They are made super well and look adorable.

Pediped Shoes
For our review, we were sent the Grip 'n" Go Betty White shoes. Adalyn will be wearing these for Easter and I can't wait to see them with her adorable Easter dress! They have a soft rubber sole which which helps mimic the natural shape of the child's foot.

**Keep reading for a Pediped giveaway!

2. Stonyfield Organic Whole Milk Greek Yogurt

Adalyn loves yogurt so much and it actually is the only food that she will let me feed her still! I prefer to feed Adalyn whole milk yogurt at this point because her little growing body needs the extra calories. We are loving this new yogurts from Stonyfield. They are rich and creamy and actually not that much higher in calories than fat-free yogurt. I like the plain kind mixed with apricot preserves and the honey ones especially.

The Cranberry Institute

3. Cranberries!

We were sent some cranberry products from The Cranberry Institute and let me tell you, Adalyn is obsessed with dried cranberries. When I got this package, she pulled out the cranberries and asked for a snack. So I gave her some, she ate them all and then kept asking for more. The funny part of this story is that I told my mom about how Adalyn was loving the dried cranberries and she told me that she had already eaten them twice that day when she was babysitting her!! Well, I guess Adalyn's urinary tract health was super that day! Haha.

Cranberries are good for heart health, urinary tract and gut health. I love cooking with frozen cranberries (such as my Cranberry Scones with Coconut Vanilla Drizzle).


The giveaway will be for a pair of Pediped shoes in your child's size (the company will choose the style, you let them know the size/gender you need).

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  1. Sure enjoyed your post of your daughter and her adorable outfit and shoes! Also, I will have to try the new Stoneyfield Yogurts and Cranberry products. The cranberry scones looked delicious too. I really enjoy reading your posts and recipes. Thank you, God Bless and Have a wonderful Resurrection weekend with your family.


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