May 06, 2016

Products Adalyn's Loving Part 4 + Giveaway

B.Box Sippy Cups and Bib

1. B.Box Sippy Cups and Bib

Before becoming a mom, I never knew what a big deal it was to find a good sippy cup. So many of them leak, break, are hard to clean, hard to drink out of, etc. So many sippy cups have been boxed up and put away since we did not like them.

**Keep reading for a B.Box giveaway!

A sippy cup that is great is the one from B.Box. We have been using these for nearly a year and love them. They do not leak and they are very easy for my daughter to drink out of.

We also like this new travel bib and spoon. The pocket is perfect for catching food (we only use bibs with pockets) and the top part of the bib zips up into the bottom for easy storage for traveling. I love it! They also have new bowls with straws, toddler cutlery sets and plates.

2. ComfortCam Baby Monitor

You guys, I am so excited to share this with you today!! This is the third baby monitor that I have tried since Adalyn was born and it is by far my favorite. Here's why: it can rotate! I didn't know the importance of this when I got my other ones but quickly found out that if Adalyn moves a certain way, we cannot see her. This one can be rotated up and down and left and right all from my phone. So perfect!!

The ComfortCam is run by wifi and does not come with a monitor but is viewed right from your phone. So great! It takes pictures and videos which is great if you want to capture your little one looking adorable or doing something funny. We are very happy with this camera so far. My tech guy AKA my husband said it was not too difficult to install either.

3. Arshiner Kids Toys

I love trying new toys for Adalyn and got to try some fun ones from Arshiner. We got the geometric sorting board which is fun for learning shapes and learning how to do puzzles.

Adalyn got her first set of building blocks which she thinks are fun. My favorite item that we tried is the kitchen wooden play cutting food. It comes with different fruits, vegetables, etc. and a kid safe knife so that they learn to cut. I have wanted one of these for her for forever!

She also got the touch and swipe learning machine and likes it. I think that it reminds her of an iPad so she thinks that she is using something that she is not allowed to- haha.


The giveaway will be for a B.Box sippy cup and travel bib/spoon to one lucky winner!
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