May 05, 2016

8 Things No One Warned You About Having a Toddler

8 Things No One Warned You About Having a Toddler
Being a parent is easily my favorite part of my life. Before my daughter was born, I read so many parenting books, articles, etc. to prepare. Even though everyone warns you about different things when it comes to parenting, you really cannot prepare for everything through a book. You need to experience parenthood yourself to truly learn the ups, the downs and what to do in certain situations. One and a half years into being a Mom, I am learning new things every single day!

Here are some of the things that I learned about having a toddler that no one warned me about:

1. Seeing their developments is the best

My favorite thing in the world is to see the developments that Adalyn has on a daily basis. New words, kicking a ball, jumping up and down, kicking her legs in the water, it is all amazing. Troy and I spend so much time talking about how we just love to see Adalyn grow. It is amazing how they go from this tiny newborn who relies on you for everything to this energetic toddler who is learning new things everyday.

2. Ending breastfeeding will be emotional

Adalyn and I made it till 18 months of breastfeeding and just had our last day yesterday. I may write a whole post on it, not sure. It was so hard in the beginning and then became such a special time for the two of us. I definitely got misty eyed a couple of times yesterday. I will miss it but am determined to still have cuddly, sweet time with her.

3. Poop won't seem that disgusting

After 1 1/2 years of changing diapers, I really do not mind it. There are a lot more gross things in life than my child's poop. Funny story, I took a bath with Adalyn recently and let's just say, there was a biohazard in the bath. That one was pretty gross...

4. Made up language will be the cutest thing in the world

Adalyn has lots of "words" that may not be actual words to most people. Some examples are bananas are "bwaps", snacks are "gocks", ducks are "gucks", our dog Ava is "Ahh", our dog Dooper is "Dupa, Dupa, Dupa", clock is "cul-LOCK", etc. I love these little words that she says as she is learning her language.

5. Some days, you look forward to bedtime but then miss them

Ah, that craziness of motherhood. Some days, I am so tired that I look forward to bedtime. Then, after Adalyn goes to bed, I'll think "gosh, I miss her". I think that I am crazy!

6. The "terrible twos" happen early

Adalyn is by no means terrible but the toddler tantrums that I thought would not start till age two started a couple of months ago- throwing herself on the floor, screaming and crying, hitting, etc. Woah!

7. That I would love to get down and play with her so much

Before I had a kid, I had a couple fears for motherhood. One is that I was worried that I would not love to play with her a lot. I am very type-A. I love to get things done. I am strong-willed. I did not expect to love to just hang out with my daughter hugging dolls, reading books, coloring, wrestling, dancing, etc. I love it all!

8. Adult time is still very important

I love being a mom! At the end of the day though, sometimes, I just need to relax. Troy and I have "date night" at home almost every night where we sit and talk, watch a show, play cards or just have a glass of wine together. I love this time that we have together that helps to keep our marriage strong and where I can just focus on my husband.

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