August 02, 2016

How We Saved Time to Have More Time Together

Life is busy and in order to get everything done, sometimes, I take shortcuts. I am constantly trying to learn new shortcuts such as meal prep, grocery shopping during my lunch break, cleaning up for 10 minutes after dinner to avoid big cleanups, etc. I found a new way to save time that I am excited about sharing with you! It is called Google Express.

Google Express helped us to save time so that we have more time for Saturday family activities which is so important to me. Instead of spending Saturday running errands, we get to choose a fun activity to do together. There is nothing like family time!

I have had Port Austin on my bucket list for a couple of years now after seeing it in a bunch of photos on Instagram and being listed as a must-visit location in Michigan. Last summer, we tackled visiting Caseville and this year, we made visiting Port Austin a priority.

We like to visit these destinations from my parent's farm which is a good halfway point from their place. The drive was about an hour and fifteen minutes for us from their farm. It made a perfect day trip! I've been to Port Austin before but not for many years so we put this on our summer bucket list and made sure to visit. We went with my parents, husband, daughter, cousin Jake and I.

We had originally gone to visit Turnip Rock but found out that you have to kayak to get there so we skipped it for this time. We were so disappointed but ended up loving everything that we were able to visit.

Father-daughter pull-ups!
We had a picnic lunch there, swam to one rock formation, played in the sand, played on the playground and walked on the boardwalk. It is a gorgeous, well-maintained beach.

On the way home, we hit up Grindstone City for the biggest ice cream cones in the Thumb of Michigan! I got a homemade banana cookies and cream that was so good. Adalyn loved it too- haha!

After our trip, we came home to this awesome package from Google Express. Google Express is a service where you can get same-day, overnight or 2-day delivery from popular stores including Target, Costco, Walgreens and more. You can buy items from multiple stores in one delivery and pay with Google Payments. It is really easy to use and you can shop sale prices from these stores which I love because I like to save money.

For my first order from Google Express, I ordered a huge box of diapers because, well, I am a parent of a toddler and we go through diapers like crazy. This was our first time trying the diapers from Costco and we like them. I also ordered some Mr. Clean Magic Erasers and dish products which we were short on. These items came from Costco. The order shipped to me super fast- I was shocked! I ordered it on Thursday and it was here on Friday.

Instead of having to go to the grocery store constantly for a million trips like I usually do, I can just order from Google Express from the comfort of my own home and have what I need there really quickly. With the blog, I have to go to different stores all the time for certain products and I love that this makes it so much easier for us. It is so cool that you can shop at lots of different stores at once (including their sales!).

Google Express has two offers for new customers that you can use on your first order:
-First, a free 6-month membership (includes free shipping, $54 value) using code FREETIME.
-Then, $15 off your first order using this code: YQ6YD74HE

Feel free to post a comment or a photo of your Saturday with the #MyNewSaturday and #GoogleExpress hashtags!

*Give $15, Get $15: Offer may end at any time/valid until 08/31/2016 while your account is active. Limited to Google Express accounts that received the offer from Google. Each valid referral gets you a $15 courtesy credit when the new users you referred place their first order using your referral code. Alcohol, gift cards, membership costs, and shipping & service fees excluded. Credits you give are subject to these terms. Credits you get are subject to these terms.

This post is sponsored by Google Express. All opinions are my own.

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