April 04, 2017

Babymoon at MotorCity Casino Hotel

A few weeks ago, Troy and I had the wonderful opportunity to spend the night at MotorCity Casino Hotel located in Detroit, Michigan. We stayed there for a night last January and fell in love with the place and wanted to return for a special night out. With our second baby due so soon, it was the perfect babymoon for us within half an hour of home. This time, I wanted to experience different aspects of the hotel than we had before and we got to do just that.

Last time, we were provided with a large suite and this time, our room was much smaller. I did not mind at all! It was perfect for two people. When I booked this trip a few months ago, I was most excited to take a bath in the fancy tub- seriously! It is great and for a woman in her 9th month of pregnancy, this was much needed. 

We were provided access to the Butler's Lounge where you get complimentary appetizers in the evening and a simple breakfast in the morning. The room has great views and my husband and I greatly enjoyed this relaxing time together.

Last time, check in took forever but this time, we didn't even have to wait in line! We went up to our rooms, got settled and then made our way to the Butler's Lounge for some appetizers. We enjoyed jalapeno poppers, chicken wings, cheese, vegetables and more. Then, we went back to the room, Troy had a glass of wine and we sat and looked out at the beautiful view of Detroit and had a great conversation. 

One of my very favorite parts of my marriage is that Troy and I can talk and talk and talk. We enjoy each other's company so much and I love this!
Butler Lounge goodies!
Around 7 PM, we headed down to dinner at the Assembly Line Buffet. Last time, we went to a super fancy dinner at Iridescence and this time, I wanted to try the buffet. I asked my brother who has been there before if the $28 per person price tag was worth it and he assured us that it was. He was right! The food was so good. Troy's favorites were the clam chowder and the steak. My favorites were the creme brulee and beef bourguignon. So, so good! 

What impressed me the most was the dessert area. There were so many delicious and fancy desserts. I was seriously impressed. I joked with Troy that I was only going to have salad and then 10 desserts. Don't worry- I ate some of everything! I did eat 5 desserts though and they were amazing.

Then, we had the opportunity to visit the Sound Board for a Barenaked Ladies concert. I chose to book our hotel stay for this date because of the concert. I looked at the concert lineup for the season and this concert looked the best to me. The concert was even so much better than I expected. We had great seats and they put on a heck of concert. It was almost like a comedy show mixed with a concert because the band was so funny. I did not know that I would enjoy it as much as I did. The venue was clean and fairly small but had a big concert feel. I would definitely return to the Sound Board for another concert in the future.

We went back up to our room and went to bed! The best is so comfortable at MotorCity Casino Hotel! I love it. 

In the morning, I woke up way to early (pregnancy problems) and hit up the gym. I love this gym so much because it has great equipment that I do not have at home. I enjoy trying the different machines. Then I took my beloved bath in the awesome tub!

Troy and I went and had a slow breakfast which is of course rare for parents of a toddler (and soon to be newborn). We sat around for awhile drinking coffee and enjoying our time together. 

Troy and I had the most wonderful babymoon at MotorCity Casino Hotel! We enjoyed our stay again and left feeling happy and also ready to go get our little girl!

Thanks for MotorCity Casino Hotel for providing us a complimentary hotel stay and tickets to the Sound Board!

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