May 25, 2017

Bringing Home Baby Product Guide 9

LittleIndians2 Baby Tractor Goodies

1. LittleIndians2 Baby Tractor Goodies

I am so excited to share these absolutely adorable items that I was sent from the LittleIndians2 Etsy shop. I love them so much and they are my favorite cutesy baby items. My dad has both an Oliver tractor and a John Deere tractor so we have always loved tractors. In fact, that is kind of how my husband and I met. I was at a party at Troy's frat and I noticed a picture of a John Deere tractor in his room (which is obviously very rare at college) and that is how we first got to talking.

Anyways, when we decided that our son's name was going to be Oliver, I immediately searched Etsy for any Oliver baby items. I love this onesie so much that I was sent! But even cuter are the John Deere items. Even when Adalyn was a baby, I bought her a bunch of John Deere items that are super cute.

LittleIndians2 Baby Tractor Goodies
These personalized items with Oliver's name are so amazing and incredibly well made. I do not sew at all and am in complete awe of how amazing these look! I am thrilled. Stay tuned for a zillion photo shoot pictures with these items in the coming months. If you are obsessed with tractors like we are, I highly recommend this Etsy shop and would definitely work with them again. The attention to detail is incredible!

Fiber Element Sheets

2. Fiber Element Sheets

I don't think that I talked about it too much on the blog but the day after Christmas, we switched Adalyn to a big girl bed. She did so amazingly well that I have not had too much to say about it. We have a video monitor in her room like we have had since she was born and she knows that "mommy and daddy can see her on the camera" so she stays in bed. It works awesome for us. She loves being a big girl and we love having her out of the crib in time for baby.

I was sent some sheets from Fiber Element for Adalyn's bed and they are great! They are white, made of bamboo and are very soft. We have never had bamboo sheets before but I really like them! They are perfect for my little angel!

Kid Licks Nail Polish

3. Kid Licks Nail Polish

I have the ultimate girly girl. She loves high heels, "beautiful dresses" as she calls them, jewelry and lip balm. By the time she was 2, she wanted her nails painted like mommy. The problem is that she picks the polish off quickly and I was worried about her eating the paint chips from her nails.

That is when I found Kidlicks in a magazine and immediately knew that I wanted to try it for her. The polish is edible and is made from fruits, vegetables and other plants and is perfect for little hands. They are organic and can be removed just by using water and scrubbing a bit. The color in the beet red comes from beets and the color in the orange comes from carrots. I love it!


The giveaway will be for your choice of size of bamboo sheets from Fiber Element and 2 Kid Licks nail polishes for kids!
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