August 03, 2017

Oliver Richard 4 Month Update

Life is good at 4 months old! This month, Oliver got baptized and has been enjoying all things summer. Here is what is going on with Oliver:

Clothing size: 3 and 6 months clothes

Diapers: size 1

Weight/Height: Will update after his 4 month appointment

Feedings/Sleep: Same old, same old here. Still exclusively breastfeeding. Oliver gets about 6 feedings per day (5 from me, 1 pumped bottle from Troy). Many nights, he sleeps from ~11-6 which is good with me. I need to change his bottle time to eventually eliminate it but I keep thinking, why change something that works? I'm scared that he is going to be up in the night if I don't give it to him. Most of the nights, he sleeps through but sometimes, he wakes up and needs to be fed or just given his pacifier (which we try first).

He naps for about 1 hour-1 1/2 hours each 3 hour cycle (eat, play for ~1 hour, sleep). He sleeps in his crib or rock n play. At night, he sleeps in his crib. If he can't fall asleep for awhile and is being noisy, he goes in the basement in his rock n play for a bit so he doesn't wake Adalyn up. He goes to bed around 7:30-8 PM give or take depending. He goes down pretty well usually. Some nights, we haven't even been swaddling him which is just nuts to me because I had to swaddle Adalyn until 6 months old.

We just change his diaper, sometimes swaddle, feed him and give him his pacifier in the crib. That's it!

Nicknames: Baby Oliver Boppity Bop, O Deukity- I used to be embarrassed by having crazy nicknames for my kids but I could care less now!!

-He loves his hands!! He sucks on his pointer finger and middle finger which is just crazy to me because Adalyn never did this at all. His hands are fascinating to him.

-Oliver was baptized this month! The most memorable part was when we were on the alter and Troy was holding Oliver and somehow, he peed right through his diaper and all over Troy's suit and soaked his shoes. Everyone saw and it was hilarious!

-He is the smiliest, happiest little guy in the world! He pretty much only cries when he doesn't want to go to bed. This is so much different than his sister.

-He loves his sister so much! She is so sweet with him and gives millions of hugs and kisses. She tells us that she is going to marry Baby Oliver one day, give him kisses and live healthily ever after. I can't make this stuff up.

-He can roll over. He loves standing when you hold his hands.

-He has been "talking" like crazy babbling all kinds of things.

-He loves tummy time.

-Loves staring at people.

-Loves going swimming! He can stay in the pool for 30 minutes and doesn't even get upset.

-Loves grabbing onto things. Loves his playmat and hearing the music.

-He is a drool monster!

We love you so much Oliver!! Don't grow too fast.

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