January 14, 2019

1, 2, 3, 4, 5...our family is expanding!

I am so, so excited to share that our family is expanding! Yes, we are expecting baby #3! Keep reading for all of the pregnancy details.

When am I due?
July 13th! Two days after our 10 year wedding anniversary.

How did I find out/were we planning it?
It was a complete surprise! We were not planning to get pregnant now. We knew we wanted a third baby but it wasn't going to be for about another year. Surprise!

How I found out was that I normally track my period and it was a day late so I randomly took a test. Let's just say that I was a little surprised at the results.

How did I tell Troy?
It was so sweet! We had just finished our big third floor renovation the day before and I asked him to come up there with me (some quiet without the kids). We were talking about different things and I gave him this long letter that I wrote him thanking him for being a great husband and dad. I wrote about how we have come so far from dating in college, to being married, careers, pets, a home, kids, etc. Deep into the letter, I wrote that I cannot believe that we will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary in July and we will be welcoming our third baby at the same time.

He freaked out! He was so excited. He was like "really!?!?!" and was absolutely thrilled. I loved watching his face as he read the letter and then seeing it when he got to the part about the baby. So sweet! He couldn't say anything besides that he is so happy and excited.

Adalyn "Oliver, you're going to be a big brother!". Oliver "what's that?"
How did we tell the kids?
I actually told Oliver before I told Troy but let's just say that he didn't get it at all. Finally after trying to explain it for a couple of months, he say "bay bay" in the sweetest voice and kisses my belly button which he thinks is the baby lol!! He doesn't know what's coming and is still totally a baby himself so we will see how it goes.

The person that I was most excited to tell out of anyone was Adalyn because I knew that she would be thrilled and totally freak out. Right before Christmas, when I was 11 weeks along, we sat her down by our Christmas tree and told her that she was going to be a big sister again and that we were having another baby. She was SO excited and has not stopped talking about it since.

She prays for the baby and I constantly, thinks it is a girl, wants to name it "Liquor" (for real) or "Ornament" and says to me about 100 times a day "Mommy, I can't wait to meet your little baby!". It is adorable and since she is already the BEST big sister to Oliver, I know that she will be incredible to this baby as well. Seeing her excitement is completely joyful.

How have I been feeling? 
Not well. I've had pretty much every symptom in the book aside from vomiting luckily. In the beginning, I had shortness of breath when using the stairs. Then, I had lots of irritability, what I call an "acidic" stomach- just not feeling good, stomach pain, on and off nausea daily from 6 weeks-10 weeks.

Most of all though, I have been so extremely tired that I have been napping 4-5 days a week. If you know me, you know that I never, ever take naps so this is really weird for me. I have been sleeping poorly since before I was pregnant in October and it has only gotten worse. I can't sleep past 4:30-5 AM everyday which is probably at least part of the reason that I have been so tired. It's been really sweet though! I nap with Adalyn on the days that I nap in her bed. We both love this time together.

At around 10 weeks, everything changed and I have been feeling so much better. No more nausea, less exhaustion and overall not a yucky feeling. Thank god!! I'm feeling quite normal now. I'm writing this at 13 weeks and actually feel like me again.

When did we tell our families?
I knew that once we told Adalyn, it would be time to tell everyone else which is why we had to wait so long to tell Ada. The next people we told was my parents. We were having a pizza dinner with them one night and we had Adalyn randomly blurt out "Mommy's having another baby". My mom screamed for about 15 seconds at the top of her lungs and my dad looked completely shocked- especially as I have been running with him while hiding the pregnancy the last few months. They were very happy for us!

Next, we told Troy's dad and stepmom casually over the best chicken shawarma. We told Troy's mom, brother and stepdad next at Troy's mom's bowling birthday party. On Christmas Eve, we told my sister and her boyfriend. It was fun to have Adalyn announce it out of the blue because no one was expecting it and some people didn't even believe Adalyn right away because she has said it before and it was not true haha.

One really fun announcement was to my brother and his wife when I borrowed their baby to go grab "her Christmas present" when really, I put her in a shirt that says "I'm being promoted to big cousin"!! She is only 8 months old so this was really cute and fun.

Are we thinking boy or girl?
I am thinking girl because I have felt sick like I did when I was pregnant with Adalyn. Troy is kind of feeling like it's a boy. Most of the family is saying girl. We will find out soon though!

Am I still running?
Yes! It is completely approved by my doctor and twice a week, my dad and I run between 6 and 7 1/2 miles. It is nice having another person there for safety reasons as well as a talking buddy. I hope to keep it up as long as I feel good. I will write more about running while pregnant another time because I feel like it is a topic that there is not much info on. At least I couldn't find much.

SO many cravings in the first 9 weeks. I gave into every single one of them and loved it. Spaghettios and canned ravioli (what the heck!!), Jersey Mike's subs, reuben sandwiches, pretzels, eggs and lots more. If I got a food idea in my head, I couldn't stop thinking about it until I ate it. It's been fun! Since about 10 weeks, just like the bad symptoms, cravings have been gone. I am just enjoying a lot of the foods that I typically love: fruit, bread, yogurt, cheese, nut butters, etc.

Life is so exciting and wonderful and we are just praying for a healthy baby!

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  1. Congratulations! I can't imagine life with three BUT I know you and Troy will rock it! Your cute little bump is already adorable.

    1. Haha it's gonna be nuts! Thanks so much. No baby #3 in your future?

  2. Congratulations! We found out we were expecting #3 on our 10th wedding anniversary and our 4th baby right around our 16th anniversary. Enjoy your pregnancy!

  3. Congrats! How exciting for you guys!

  4. Congratulations. So sweet. Patricia

  5. Congrats! I wish you and baby all the best. Can't wait to read the blog posts pertaining to baby. I love how you revealed the news to your brother and his wife.


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