July 31, 2019

Baby Products We're Loving for Lily

I am writing this post before Lily is born because I wanted to share some products that we are loving with her name on them that I didn't want to share before she was born. Most of these have come from amazing Etsy shops. I cannot get over how creative these shops are as I literally have no idea how to make any of these items. I'll stick to making food! We have tried out a few other baby products that I'm really liking.

Since it is our third baby, we didn't need much new since we have so much from our other kids. It was fun to get a few new items for baby though!

Here are some of our favorite new products for baby #3:

My2lilpixies Baby Clothes

I love super fancy ruffled bottoms for baby girls and these are too adorable! I love the big and little sibling types of clothes and this "Little Sister Lily" outfit is adorable. We are taking lots of pictures in this outfit for sure!

Adalyn is the proudest big sister so this is perfect!

Stitchin' Doodle

When I saw the print of this blanket, hat and pajamas, I had to have it. It is just the most gorgeous floral design! The pajama outfit is soft, the hat is beautiful and the blanket is so soft. I love how feminine the pattern is and I have this outfit packed in our hospital bag! Lily wore this in the hospital and it got lots of compliments. (see the first photo of this post for the full design).

Stone Creek Wall Decals

For each of our kids, we always get a wall decal with their name on it to go above their crib. It means a lot to us that each baby has used the same room and gets their name on the wall. I chose to get her whole name "Lily Virginia" on the wall and love this decal from Stone Wall Creek Decals. It went on the wall really easily and shipped quickly. There are tons of different decals available on this site so feel free to check out all of the gorgeous designs!

Simply Spinning Thread Clothing

I love all floral and custom items and these from Simply Spinning Thread are too cute! The items are super soft and I love the feminine design. Her site has so many cute items so check them out. Lily is all set with super cute custom clothing now!

Stark Custom Designs Minky Blanket

I love getting the kids their own personalized blanket and this one from Stark Custom Designs is perfect! You get to choose the name, fonts and colors. I love grey so I went with a grey blanket with light pink writing. I chose the font "malisia" for anyone wondering. The blanket is super soft and I know that we will be using it all winter long.

Tesa Babe Baby Clothes

These Rompers from Tesa Babe are so cute! I love floral patterns and these ones are so beautiful. They are comfortable for baby and made with 100% cotton. These ones are available in newborn-12-18 month sizes. This company has lots of "little brother" and "little sister" items which I love as well! These would make great shower gifts.

This lightweight outfit is perfect for summer!

Lulujo Swaddle Blankets

I love lightweight and soft, large swaddle blankets and these from Lulujo are perfect! I love the posies pattern with the hat. These blankets are great for swaddling baby up in, laying baby down on, using as a burp cloth, for a nursing cover, etc. When we leave the house, I will take them with us to use for any of these things. They are muslin swaddles and perfect for the hot weather. I have never had a baby born right in the heat of summer before so these are especially great since they are so lightweight.

Majka Lactation Bites and Booster

I am nursing Lily like I did with the other kids and am loving these new-to-me Majka lactation products. Life with a newborn is busy, busy, busy and it can be hard for mom to have enough time to eat. I am loving the Majka lactation bites made with ingredients like fenugreek, oats and flaxseed to help promote lactation. I like eating them for a quick bite when I only have one free hand. The lactation booster is my favorite though because it easily blends into a smoothie and has ingredients to help promote lactation. A simple and great way to help to increase your milk supply which is something that many moms worry about.

Bump Boxes

I love the idea behind Bump Boxes which is a monthly pregnancy subscription service that sends 5-8 full-sized products each month that are tailored to where you are in your pregnancy. You can also choose boxes by trimester, for new moms, for newborns, etc. This box that I received to try had eye masks which are great for pregnant swollen skin, surface cleaner that is safe for baby, baby detergent pods and more. I loved the nesting items because like pretty much every mom, I've been nesting like crazy!

I think that these Bump Boxes would make a fantastic gift for any mom-to-be or new mom and that they would really brighten their day. Babies get SO many gifts at showers but moms rarely get anything so these products would be wonderful to help mom feel good.

Baby Shusher

Baby Shusher

One thing that I think that we didn't use enough of with our first two kids is white noise. I've been reading about how helpful white noise can be for getting a baby to sleep so I'm excited to use this white noise from Baby Shusher. It is super small making it perfect for travel, in the car and of course, in the baby's nursery. It is easy to turn on and has 15 or 30 minute settings. Wish us luck with baby sleep that Lily is more like Oliver with sleep and less like Adalyn!

Samples were provided for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I agree on white noise! We didn't use it with our first two, but if we have another, I would totally use it the next time around!

    1. It worked like a charm last night! I didn't use it as much as I should have with my first two either but this time, I do anything to get baby to sleep fast!


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