August 08, 2019

Life With 3 Kids

All photos are by Aileen Klebba Photography.

We are a few weeks into life with three kids and I wanted to share a life update. As I type this, Lily is sleeping next to me in the bed while big brother Oliver is jumping around on the other side of the bed. Right after Oliver acting crazy, he went and laid down next to Lily and cuddled her so sweet. Then, he asked to hold her and told me "no mama hold Lily, mine!". So what I'm saying is that life is full of tons of high and low moments. Crazy mixed with super sweet. We are loving it!

Lily was born July 10th and I have been so lucky to have Troy home for the summer. We have been to the pool several times, several splash pads, several outdoor free concerts and more. We love to get out and about and having a baby hasn't slowed us down too much.

Lily is a pretty easy baby so far with some evening fussiness. We are able to get out with her pretty well and have just made sure to stay home on the really hot days so it doesn't bother her.

She has been taking a bottle of pumped milk that Troy gives her since 4 days old so that I can get about a 4 hour stretch of sleep. Some nights have been pretty good where I really only need to feed her one time in the middle of the night (feedings being around 9 PM, 11:30-12:30, 2:30-3:30 and then about 6 or 7 AM).

Some nights have been tougher with a lot more feedings and fussiness after she eats which makes it hard because then both Troy and I are up which makes for hard mornings the next day.

Adalyn has been the absolute BEST big sister in the whole world and is like a second mom to her. She holds her all day long and is always excited to see her. Since she is almost 5, she is a huge helper and helps me with everything for Lily.

Oliver has been great as well! Not jealous at all which I was worried about. He also got fully potty trained right before she was born (by 2 years and 3 months old) which is awesome. He is fully out of diapers day and night which makes it nice to not have to change 2 sets of diapers.

Sometimes, life gets really crazy when multiple kids are crying, multiple kids want to be held by me at the same time, etc. For me, being sleep deprived makes everything harder because I really am not someone who can miss sleep and feel okay.

This time around, I decided to make a change and make it a priority to take a nap during the day. Most days, I nap with Adalyn which is a special time for us together. I am trying to actually take care of myself because if Mom isn't feeling well and happy, it makes our day a lot harder.

Troy is amazing and helps with everything. Having an extra set of hands around is the best. Plus, he is my biggest supporter always and is always there- emotionally and mentally. I couldn't do it without him. I'm going to miss him so badly when he goes back to work.

So overall, life is going really great! Some ups and downs but overall, we are very happy and loving life as family of 5.

Photos are by Aileen Klebba Photography. We have always done posed newborn photos for the other kids but this time, I decided to do a posed newborn shoot and a lifestyle shoot. I ended up really loving these lifestyle photos because it shows our family a little in our natural element- a little crazy but where there is always lots of love.

Aileen's busiest season is fall because everyone loves the beautiful leaf colors. If you want to book a session, she suggests booking soon. I was hesitant at first to do indoor lifestyle photos because I had not done them before but am happy with how they turned out. The kids know their own environment and do better there. We were able to capture a few everyday moments which is fun. Also, no worries about the weather with indoor shots.

Aileen did an amazing job being patient with our family while the kids were totally crazy this day. She captured some great photos- more than I thought that we would get since the kids were being so 

**If you book with Aileen Klebba, let her know that I referred you and you will get a free 8x10 print!

If you live in the Metro Detroit area, I would recommend checking out Aileen Klebba Photography.

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  1. That is so nice that you get to have your husband home for the summer! That seriously makes such a huge difference!


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