September 18, 2019

Lily 2 Month Update

Lily Virginia is 2 months old! It has been a good month and we have been so blessed with a baby that doesn't really have those "witching hours" or evening fussiness that most babies have. This month we made it through a growth spurt and a leap and made it out alive so that's a good thing.

Diaper size: newborn but it's totally time to move on as they are snug but I've just been trying to use some up

Clothing size: newborn and 0-3 months

Weight: 9 lbs 3.1 oz
Height: 21 1/2 inches
Head measurement: 13 3/4 inches

Feedings: Nursing is going really well! I feed Lily every 2-3 hours all day long. At the moment, we put her down to bed for the night at 7-8 PM and I feed her right before bed. Troy feeds her a pumped bottle at 11-12. Then she typically wakes up anywhere from 3 AM-5:30 AM. Her typical is around 4 AM to wake up to be fed and then she goes right back down to bed (finally! For awhile, she was wanting to stay up after this feeding). 

You're not supposed to compare kids but it's too hard not too. Lily is not as difficult as Adalyn was but she's not as easy as Oliver was either.

This picture cracks me up!
How Mom's Doing: It has been an adjustment having Troy go back to work. This week has been better than last week but it can be hard juggling working from home and taking care of the three kids. The sleep deprivation has definitely made me more emotional which is hard. After I feed Lily, it can take me 1-2 HOURS to fall back asleep which is tough. I'm so lucky to have THE BEST husband in the world who will talk me through any issue. He is there for me for everything and I could not have made it through this hard time without him. I talk some issues to death to him and he never complains.

I could lie and say that everything has been perfect but that's not me. Painfully honest at times! I know that a lot of moms read my blog so I want them to know that sometimes things are hard but it will get better. Right now, I'm feeling a lot better mentally and am thankful for that!

Sleeping: Lily is up for about an hour at a time including her feeding before a nap. She naps all through the day and loves to be swaddled. She loves her pacifier but stops using it as soon as she falls asleep which is easy on us.

I highly recommend Babywise which we use loosely to help with infant sleep. We follow an eat, play, sleep schedule and have for all three kids. Lily is not a very fussy baby outside of growth spurts and leaps which is awesome.

-Lily has been looking at us so much more!

-She barely spits up which is different than her other siblings.

-Her siblings (Adalyn especially) want to help with everything. They help wash Lily in the bath, get me diapers, "babysit" her when I need to go grab something for a minute, hold her, etc. They are the best! Lily loves looking into Ada's eyes.

-Lily is so much more alert this month.

-Lily does not like to sleep on the go. If we are out, she wants to try to stay up the whole time. She's a party girl.

-She has rolled over a few times when doing tummy time.

-She scoots around when on her tummy and can turn 90 degrees in a couple of minutes.

 Overall, things are going super well as a family of 5. I'm hoping that Lily can drop her 4 AM-ish feeding this month so I can stop feeling like a crazy person and get over this sleep deprivation.

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