February 17, 2020

Lily's 7 Month Update

Such a great month because on 2/12, Lily got her helmet off for good! She is eating all kinds of food (sometimes) and is working on sitting up. All good things!

Clothing size: 3 months, 3-6 months and some 6 months

Diapers: finally moved up to a size 2

Weight: According to our home scale, 13.4 lbs

Sleep: Everything is about the same with sleep. Lily now naps 3 times a day. She rarely ever falls asleep when we are out which makes it tough when we are out for hours at a time. She did switch from a Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit to a thick and heavy sleepsack that a family member passed down to us. She didn't even notice the transition and sleeps the same with it. She is still getting a pumped bottle 10-11 PM from Troy.

Solid Foods: It has been a great month with trying tons of new solids! These are some of the new foods that she has tried this month: rutabaga, no-salt kidney beans, more baby oatmeal mixed with breast milk, flax, pumpkin, blueberries, spinach, strawberry, peanut butter, whole-wheat pancake, applesauce, kabocha squash, buckwheat, turnip, blood orange, zucchini, pumpkin seed butter and more!

We have enjoyed trying Yumi- a baby meal delivery service that sent us some samples. She liked the Kabocha Buckwheat Bowl, Carrot Ginger Porridge and the Mulligatawny Soup. They have a little bit of texture in them which Lily doesn't love but is getting used to. They are nutritious blends of food that do not have any added salt or sugar. I like that they add flavors to the food such as cinnamon, onion or ginger to get baby used to different flavor.

We feed her dinner every night when we eat. So far, she isn't interested in breakfast or lunch really. If I try to feed her those meals, she just holds her mouth closed tight and will not accept any bites. So far, she is not ready for any textures. We have tried little bits of cooked apples, French toast and peppers and she just gags a bunch. We will wait a bit and try again soon. Some of the time, she doesn't want to eat dinner either so it is a work in progress that is making mom crazy of course. Eating well is so important to me.

She has had a cold and doesn't want to eat anything when she is sick but has been nursing well so at this point, I guess that is okay. Over the last month, she has gotten better about not pushing the food out of her mouth like last month related to her previous tongue tie.

Breastfeeding: Lily is still breastfeeding 4-5 times per day and gets her 1 pumped bottle at night. The only problem is that she gets very distracted if anyone is around and wants to stare at them and not eat.

DOC Band for Plagiocephaly: The best news ever is that Lily got her helmet off for good on 2/12! Her head looks amazing and has made so much progress. Seeing the scans of her head before and after was amazing and so much change was made by this band.

-This month, we are working constantly on sitting up. As of right at 7 months old, she can sit-up unsupported if she is fully interested in something like a toy or a person. Otherwise, she holds herself up on her arms and sometimes tips over. There has been a lot of progress in the last couple of weeks since I work with her on it a few times a day.

-She loves smiling at people and cooing at family.

-Lily got to play in the snow for the first time. She was indifferent haha.

-Lily had her first sickness this month- a cold with an eye infection. She ended up having to take antibiotics for it since it didn't go away on its own. Crazy because Adalyn didn't ever have to go on antibiotics until last month when she was 5 years and 4 months old.

-She loves holding her toys and loves grabbing for them. We got her an exersaucer this month that she loves standing in.

-She loves to touch my face. Her Daddy is her favorite person and she constantly stares at him and smiles.

-No teeth yet!

-Started sitting up in the stroller and not in her car seat.

Life is good!

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