July 14, 2020

Lily is 1 Year Old!

Lily Virginia is one year old! This first year went by fast and slow at the same time. So many extremely happy moments mixed in with fear with of this time and scares with health issues (which are all now resolved thank god). Overall, it has been a fantastic year with Lily and her first year has been so special to our family. Here is her one year update.

Clothing size- 9 months and 12 months

Diapers- size 2

Weight- 17.4 lbs on the home scale (15%) 

Sleep- Lily is sleeping so much better this month. When she was first learning to crawl, she had trouble falling asleep at night but it has gotten better. She is sleeping through the night. She goes to bed around 7 and wakes up around 7. She naps twice a day- around 10 AM and around 1:30-2 PM. She goes with the flow pretty well and her sleep schedule can be switched up pretty easily based on our summer activities.

Feedings- Lily is breastfed 3 times per day and I'm going to continue that for now, especially with the coronavirus I want to be able to give her good nutrition in breastmilk. 

She eats 3 solid meals a day and eats more than my other kids at times. She has no foods that she doesn't like and eats everything that we are eating. She loves anything with tomato sauce such as pizza or eggplant parmesan. She loves fruit and likes vegetables but always eats her other foods before eating her veggies. We are doing zero purees and just chop her food up finely. She is a packer and we need to watch her closely so she doesn't load 10 bites of food into her mouth at a time. 

-This spoiled girl got 3 smash cakes! She loved them.

-Lily pulls herself to stand all the time. She is starting to be able to scoot herself over when holding onto the couch and walk a few steps with her walker. She isn't standing on her own quite yet.

-She is super fast at crawling and can get anywhere she wants to by crawling around the house.

-She learned to enjoy swimming and has been in a few lakes, my parent's pond at the farm and our swimming pool at our local park.

-She just popped her 4th tooth and has her bottom two front teeth and top two front teeth.

-She loves blowing kisses, giving kisses on the lips with a "mwah" sound and clucking her tongue. She copies anything that we are doing and loves to mimic.

Blowing kisses!
-Lily is super smiley and loves to laugh. She loves her parents, siblings and grandparents so much.

-She can sign for "more" and "all done". She can say mama, dada and hi. 

-She loves being worn in the baby carrier and going on walks in the stroller.

-Lily is attached to Mama a little bit and often cries to come to me or lunges her body to get to me.

-She loves drinking water so much and loves chugging water from my Contigo water bottle.

-Lily loves one-on-one time with mom and dad.

Life is great with Lily and I can't wait to see what the next year brings! I am so thankful for this little girl that was the perfect addition and completion to our family!

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