January 24, 2022

Easy Health Habits to Add to Your Life + Giveaway

Easy Health Habits to Add to Your Life including adding in more produce, drinking more water, adding in movement, not obsessing over the scale and more- all aiming to help you feel your very best! 
It's easier to add in healthy habits than to subtract your current habits. Instead of limiting carbs, why not add in some vegetables to your favorite carb-filled dish? Instead of cutting calories, why not add in exercise? I love adding in healthy habits to my life to help me feel my best. It is always a balance between doing things that make you happy and that make you feel awesome. I want to share my easy health habits to add to your life.

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Easy Health Habits to Add to Your Life

1. Add produce to your meal

We love having comfort foods and indulgent meals at times and my little tip for making it healthier is to add a fruit or veggie to your meal. We order pizza often and pair it with a simple salad at home. We make homemade burgers and fries and top them with lettuce, tomatoes and onions and have a veggie on the side. When I make boxed mac and cheese, I add in a frozen veggie or greens that we have on hand to give the meal a nutrition boost.

2. Drink more water

You can have your coffee, I certainly love mine but make sure you're getting plenty of water too. I carry my water bottle everywhere to make sure I get plenty of water through the day.

3. Don't obsess about the scale

Many years ago, I would obsess about the number on the scale. Thank goodness, those days are long gone. I only weigh myself about once a month or so just to keep things in check while also realizing that your weight fluctuates based on what you ate or what time of month it is. I don't put much focus on the number on the scale and I urge you to do the same. 

I do like to keep a scale on hand for overall health and to make sure that things are not getting out of hand and I love the Taylor Body Composition Scale. A scale can be a tool to use for part of your health journey and can help reach your goals (but should never dictate how you feel!). It has lots of cool features that can be helpful for athletes and those trying to get healthier. It measures body fat, body water, muscle mass and BMI if that is of interest. You can setup 10 different profiles and enter each person's age, gender, height, etc. It is a body fat scale but you can use it for weight only as well.

4. Add in movement for mental health

Man I'm telling you, this January freezing weather and grey skies in Michigan is getting me in a funk! I am trying to combat it but reminding myself that by getting out and going on a walk in the fresh air, I will feel so much better. Even 10 minutes makes a world of difference. Isn't it funny how the things that help us feel our best can feel so hard to do at times? 

5. Go to sleep earlier

In the winter, I'm finding it harder to get out of bed in the morning. Typically, I am a person who hops right out of bed and I've been struggling to want to get up at a decent time. I notice that I've been staying up too late scrolling on my phone and the nights that I go to bed earlier, I feel so much better the next day.

If you've read through this post, you can see that I have my own things I'm working on right now! I'm not perfect just like anyone else and am constantly working on ways to feel my best. I hope these tips help you feel your best and be your healthiest self.


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  1. One of my health goals is to eat healthier.

  2. A couple of smaller health goals of mine (baby steps!) is to drink more water and start practicing yoga!

    1. Great goals! I love carrying my water bottle around everywhere with me to encourage me to drink more water.

  3. One of my goals is be workout daily.

  4. My goal is to walk at least a few miles a day.

  5. I am trying to lose weight and tone up!

  6. I am trying to walk more during the day and also to eat more fruits and vegetables.
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