February 28, 2016

Ask the RD: Calcium

Ask the RD: Calcium- sources, benefits and recommended amountsCalcium is such an important mineral. It helps promote healthy, strong bones. *It also helps  with muscle contractions and nerve impulses. *It is found naturally in many foods, especially dairy products. Having vitamin D3 in addition to calcium helps with the absorption of calcium while supporting a healthy immune system.

Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Greek Yogurt

Here is some information about how much calcium is recommended for different ages:

0–6 months*200 mg200 mg
7–12 months*260 mg260 mg
1–3 years700 mg700 mg
4–8 years1,000 mg1,000 mg
9–13 years1,300 mg1,300 mg
14–18 years1,300 mg1,300 mg1,300 mg1,300 mg
19–50 years1,000 mg1,000 mg1,000 mg1,000 mg
51–70 years1,000 mg1,200 mg
71+ years1,200 mg1,200 mg

As you can see, the recommended amount of calcium for an average adult is 1000 mg of calcium per day. More is needed for females aged 51+ and for males aged 71+. The time that we need the most calcium is from aged 9-18 when a ton of bone growth is occurring.

Healthier Mediterranean Nachos

Foods rich in calcium:

-Milk (dairy and non-dairy)
-Fortified orange juice
-Fortified cereals

Green Smoothie Bowl

The Nutritionist Reviews recipes that are rich in calcium:

Healthier Mediterranean nachos
Salted caramel baked oatmeal
Carrot berry banana smoothie
Green smoothie bowl
Grilled chicken caprese sandwiches
Frozen yogurt bark
Loaded breakfast pizza
Blackberry protein popsicles

If you do not meet the daily amount of calcium that is recommended, you can ask your doctor about taking a calcium supplement.

Nature's Truth has a calcium supplement with vitamin D3 which helps with the absorption of calcium.* It has 1200 mg of calcium and 2 softgels are needed per day. You can purchase Nature's Truth products online and at CVS and Rite Aid stores.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by Nature's Truth. Thank your for supporting the brands that makes The Nutritionist Reviews possible. I was provided compensation and product to facilitate this post.

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  1. Are there foods and supplements that counteract calcium? I need to take iron supplements and heard that iron and calcium should not be taken at the same time. Do iron-rich foods do this as well?


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