November 11, 2019

Lily's 4 Month Update

Lily is 4 months old and life is so good! She is happier and is sleeping great at this point. Here is everything going on with our girl:

Clothing size: 0-3 months and 3 months 

Diapers: size 1

Weight: 11 lbs 2.9 oz

Height: 23"

Think it's time for a nap?
Feedings/Sleep: Lily is nursed 6 times during the day and gets one pumped bottle around 11-11:15 PM from Troy. She goes to bed at 7 PM, gets her bottle and then sleeps until 6:30-7:15 AM. I was worried about Daylight Saving Time but it was totally fine.

She is up for about an hour at a time to an hour and a half at a time before she takes a nap. She takes about 4 naps a day and loves sleeping. She sleeps in her Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit which is a godsend! She takes every nap in it and sleeps in one at night.

Her bedtime routine is this: diaper change, Baby Merlin sleepsuit, Wubbanub pacifier and white noise. We put her in her crib wide awake and she goes right to sleep. I never nurse her to sleep or rock her to sleep. I know that her 4 month sleep regression is coming up very soon so I am not looking forward to that. Right now though, things are going AMAZING!

Health: I stopped Lily's therapy for torticollis and plagiocephaly for a little bit and am waiting until her 4 month doctor's appointment this week to see what the doctor thinks about if Lily needs a helmet or not. I do her physical therapy stretches all the time and as you can see by these photos, Lily is awesome at tummy time and doesn't sleep in her flat spot at all anymore.

I am kind of thinking that she may not need a helmet but will completely listen to our pediatrician to see what she thinks because I really trust her. So basically, Lily's health update is that there is no update at the moment but we should know more soon. We are very ready to know if she is going to get a helmet or not and are honestly very fine either way. Whatever she needs, we are open to.

I think that Lily has gotten a lot stronger and is having less imbalance issues. We will see though! I felt like therapy was the same thing that I was doing at home for like 4 weeks in a row which is why I took a break from it. Personal choice I guess.

-Lily now loves tummy time and does it right after every single feeding all day long! She holds herself up so well and is doing amazing with that! She kicks her legs around like crazy and doesn't stop moving when she is on her playmat.

-She sometimes grabs at toys but not all the time. She is more fascinated by her family's faces. She loves being talked to and smiles all the time when you are talking to her. She laughs when we pretend to eat her face.

-She LOVES her sister to pieces! Adalyn can now change her diaper and clothes and loves doing it. She holds her and they have the most special bond. Adalyn is amazing with her and I love being able to trust her with Lily.

-She is very alert and loves looking all around at everything.

-Not necessarily a good thing but she loves looking at the TV with her older siblings.

-She had her first holiday this month! She was a peapod for Halloween. No worries, we did not drive with her buckled like that. For Trick-or-Treating, I wore Lily in a carrier and she eventually fell asleep. Sorry Lily, no candy this year!

-She loves babbling and responds when you talk to her.

-We can't believe that Lily has blue eyes. Troy is Mexican and I am so dark so it is crazy that she has lighter hair and blue eyes.

-She sucks her two fingers just like Oliver did and we are obsessed since it was such a cute thing Oliver did (and still tries to do but we tell him not to).

That's about it right now! Life is seriously awesome and pretty easy at the moment with Lily V.- our beautiful blue eyed baby!

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  1. She's so cute! I love the name too ... if/when I have a daughter I want to name her Lilly or Lily, because one of my grandmothers' names was Lillian.

    1. Aww! My mom's Aunt was Lillian too. I love the name but wanted the shorter version- Lily!


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