January 16, 2020

Lily's 6 Month Update

This month has been wonderful with Lily. It was so much LESS eventful from last month in the best way. Way less medical things going on and we got to celebrate baby's first Christmas. Here is everything going on with our 6 month old girl.

Clothing size: mostly 3 months clothes but her 3 month pajamas don't really fit anymore. Time to move up to 6 month clothes!

Diapers: size 1

Weight: 12 lbs 15.7 oz (8th percentile)

Height: 25 1/2 inches (45%)

Head: 15 3/4 inches (3%)

Sleep: Everything is going well with sleep. Lily naps 3-4 times per day and is still a great sleeper at night. She still gets her pumped bottle at night but now it is earlier at about 10-10:30 PM and she sleeps 7 PM-7 AM besides that feeding. Lily sleeps in her Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit and sleeps with her Wubbanub pacifier until it falls out, then she sucks on her two fingers.

Solid Foods: Lily started solids! We started super slowly feeding Lily solids at 5 1/2 months old, a couple weeks later than we started her brother and sister. I believe that it was related to her previous tongue tie that she was having a little trouble eating solids. I would put the spoon by her mouth and she pushes it away hard with her tongue. I think that she is still figuring out what to do with her tongue and doesn't know how to properly open her mouth for food quite yet. She has gotten quite a bit better over the last couple of weeks though.

We started on Christmas morning with some peas. I have the best baby food ever to share. We were sent some samples from Little Foodie Club to try and I could not recommend them more. I am not paid for this at all but truly love them as a dietitian. They send you 21 different baby foods in little pouches that you store in the freezer until baby is ready for a new one.

They have tons of unique veggies like beets, rutabaga, turnips and more. Most of the foods are veggies with a few fruits in there. We will do the fruit last. Each little pouch lasts us a couple of days right now. It is an amazing way to get your baby to try tons of nutritious veggies and fruits without having to cook and puree 21 different kinds of produce yourself. Lily is our last baby but if she wasn't, I would definitely buy this service for my next baby as well. I have literally shown everyone in my family this rainbow of foods that we have and they all think that it is super cool as well. Clearly, I'm super obsessed and am having so much fun feeding Lily different foods.

So far, she has tried: peas, broccoli and carrots from Little Foodie Club. She has also been eating iron fortified Beechnut oatmeal, chia seeds, flax, lemon, lime, beets, sweet potato, blackberry, apple, red pepper, applesauce, brown rice and avocado. By the time it is her 7 month update, I'm sure that we will have tons and tons of foods to add to that list.

Right now, she is just eating dinner with us each night and it will increase in the next month or so. As a dietitian, I very much believe in veggies first and giving babies as many foods as possible in the first year. My first two kids are not picky at all and I firmly believe that it is related to the way that I feed them early on.

Breastfeeding: Lily is still breastfeeding 5 times per day and gets her 1 pumped bottle at night. Everything is going well with that!

Physical Therapy: Lily went to physical therapy most of this month but Troy and I believe that she is ready to be done as they are now working on things like sitting up which are normal baby developments. Her treatment for torticollis is pretty much done!

DOC Band for Plagiocephaly: Last month, Lily got her DOC Band for her plagiocephaly and we were having tons of trouble with redness. After the update, I ended up taking her to her pediatrician and they prescribed me an ointment for the back of her head. Within a day or so, the redness FINALLY went away and we have had zero issues since!!! In fact, it is going so amazingly well that Lily gets the band off for good on 1/20!!

They said that she has made a ton of progress and that her head has really rounded out. You don't even know how amazing it is for Troy and I to hear this. It's been a rough few months so knowing that we are finally getting somewhere is the best. Soon, we will be done with all of these treatments and I can't wait.

-My brother says it right, Lily was almost like a newborn for the first 5 months and then finally woke up and is suddenly a kid! She is moving everywhere. She is "talking" when you talk to her. She is smiling all the time. Just say hi to her and she will flash you a huge smile.

-She rolls over from belly to back a lot. When set up right, she can sit up on her own for a couple of seconds so I know that as we practice this more, she will ace it in no time. She loves standing while you hold her under her arms and moves all around when you hold her.

-She loves toys so much. Especially a lightweight ball that she can grasp or any hard toy like a rattle. If I put a pile of toys by her, she will grab them and hold them herself. She does a ton of tummy time and sometimes goes in her jumper.

-She is still unbelievably happy all the time! She smiles at anyone who talks to her. She loves life! She loves her siblings more than anything.

-Lily's first Christmas was amazing! We celebrated with family celebrating all of our annual traditions and it was just the best.

-She loves to touch faces and grab anything she can.

This month was so much better than last month so hopefully things are looking up!

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  1. I can't believe Lily is already 6 months old! And what a happy baby!

  2. Can you please give your opinion of the Baby Merlin Magic Sleepsuit. I have wanted to get a sleep sack and with all the different ones, I'm just not sure what to get. I did look look at the Merlin one and almost got that for my grandson so that my daughter could get a little more sleep.
    But if you had the time I'm sure I'm not the only one that would like to hear what you think of it and if she has slept better/longer since you started using it. Also is it the only sleep sack/suit you have tried?

    1. We love it. Lily has been sleeping it for all naps and night since about 3 months old. She sleeps through the night in it and if we try to go without it, she has trouble falling asleep. It helps her not startle as easily. She likes sucking on her fingers and can still do so in the sleepsuit. It helps us so much! We will move onto the 6-9 month large size soon.

      After we are done with the sleepsuit, we will move on to sleepsacks like we did with my other 2 kids. I like any brand of those.

      I hope that that answered your questions- feel free to ask anymore you may have!

  3. Thank you so much for the info on the Merlins sleep suit. I am definitely going to order one right now. I appreciate your opinion about it

    1. I hope it works wonderfully! I bought some backup ones on Facebook swap groups and Facebook Marketplace for about $8 so you may want to start there if you don't mind a used one.


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