April 13, 2020

Lily's 9 Month Update

Lily Virginia is 9 months old and I have so many great updates to share! What is the biggest thing this month for us (and the entire world): social distancing and quarantine. This will be a month to remember forever. We pretty much haven't left the house in a month aside from walks and have enjoyed lots of family time.

After sharing that Lily has had quite a bit of medical concerns: plagiocephaly, torticollis, blocked tear duct, trouble gaining weight, poor appetite for solids, etc. etc., everything is now going literally PERFECT! All health concerns are resolved and Lily is doing amazing. I truly believe that God doesn't give you more than you can handle and during this pandemic, I honestly do not think that we could mentally handle any additional scares. Thank you God!

Clothing size- 6 months clothes, some 3-6 months, some 9 months

Diapers- size 2

Weight- no idea but this baby is GAINING finally!!

Sleep- We tried taking Lily to 2 naps a day from 3 but she is not ready yet. She currently goes to bed at 7 PM and sleeps till 6-7:30 AM. She has been waking up early some days at 4:30-6 AM, gets fed and then goes back to bed for a few hours. Not sure what this is about but Mom is tired.

She now no longer gets a pacifier ever which is just crazy to me. She sleeps in a heavy sleepsack with nothing else. We change her diaper, put her sleepsack on, give her a hug and a kiss and lay her down and say goodnight. That's literally it!

She takes a morning nap, after lunch nap and a short nap around 4 PM before dinner.

Feedings- The biggest update is that this girl can EAT! She eats 3 meals a day and can pack some food in- finally! She hated eating until this month and now loves it so much. She mostly gets what we are eating unless it is too crunchy, salty, sugary or spicy. For breakfast, she often has a blend of baby oatmeal, omega-3 fish oil, baby fruit or veggies and nut butter.

For lunch or dinner, she has what we have. She now mostly feeds herself and we help if needed. Her pincer grasp is excellent and she can pick up Cheerios or anything she needs to. This baby can eat a large bowl of food no problem. She loves for my dad to feed her.

She loves: venison burgers, meatballs, cheddar cheese, eggs and more. We haven't really found a food that she doesn't like. In true dietitian Amanda fashion, she is getting all kinds of crazy foods including passionfruit, red cabbage, olives, zucchini, all kinds of fruits and veggies and more. In the first year, I always try to give my babies as many foods as possible to try.

She is still breastfed about 5 times a day: 7 AM, 11 AM, 3 PM, 5 PM and 7 PM. She still gets her pumped bottle but I think that we will wean her off that this week. Troy has moved this feeding up till about 9:30 PM so far and we will slowly reduce it. I think that she is finally getting enough calories during the day where she doesn't need it.

-Lily cut her first tooth about a week before her 9 month birthday. Adalyn was playing with her and said "Mom, Lily has a tooth!! Come see it!!". She was right!

-She learned how to wave and has been practicing it over and over.

-She sits up on her own and almost never falls over. She can stand and hold onto the couch if you set her there- she cannot pull herself up yet. No crawling yet but if you place her on her stomach, she can move backwards.

-She loves her grandparents so much! She loves staring at my dad anytime he walks by and loves dancing with my mom and putting their heads together which we call "boots". She definitely knows who each of her family members are and gets excited to see each one.

-She is totally obsessed with her brother and sister and they make her smile all the time. Adalyn takes care of her, carries her around, changes her diaper, dances with her and more. Their bond in incredible.

-Lily loves to smile and laugh. She loves all attention and is the happiest baby. She doesn't cry often so when she does, we know she truly needs something. She is very silly and loves to mess around. She loves blowing raspberries and getting laughs out of people.

-She loves dancing her head back and forth when she is in her high chair. That means she wants you to dance with her. I wouldn't ever not dance with her when I see this!!

-This month was all about being quarantined. Lily has not been out in public for at least a month if not a month and a half. Trying to keep my love safe and healthy.

-Lily seems to have allergies with watery eyes and a bit of congestion. Just like her dad.

-She loves playing with toys all day long. You can sit her with her toys and she will play and play.

-She loves to watch people. She loves to observe everything happening around her.

-Lily loves giving big open mouth sopping wet kisses.

-She babbles and babbles. As my Busia (grandma) would have said "she knows what she's saying".

Aside from the frightening pandemic going on in the world which is certainly scaring us all, life is great!

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