May 13, 2020

Lily's 10 Month Update

What is Lily up to at 10 months old? Everything! This girl is waving, somewhat crawling, eating everything, laughing, loving spending time outside and more. This busy bee is doing amazing and I am excited to share her full update here with you.

Clothing size- 6 months and 9 months clothing, she can still fit into some 3-6 months clothes

Diapers- size 2

Weight- still no idea but I am definitely not worried. This baby is eating and gaining!

Sleep- Lily is still sleeping well. She is now usually taking 2 naps instead of 3 but sometimes, still takes 3. She sleeps in a sleepsack with nothing else. She doesn't use a pacifier but likes sucking on her 2 fingers. A lot more often than before, she wakes up early like 5:30-6:30 to be fed but then will go right back down for 2-3 hours. Otherwise, she wakes up somewhere around 7:30 for the day.

Feedings- Lily is breastfed 4 times per day- wakeup, around 11 AM, around 3 PM and right before bed. A huge change for us this month is that we dropped the 10 PM pumped bottle she was getting. We moved the time up to 9 and then one day, just dropped it. She never even noticed. We did it for so long to ensure that she was getting enough calories since she is on the smaller side.

She loves meals and eats breakfast, lunch and dinner with us. Breakfast is usually baby cereal mixed with milk, her omega-3 supplement, nut butter and some kind of baby food. Her favorite foods are: pizza, burgers, cheddar cheese, eggs, enchiladas, chicken, sweet potatoes, baby puffs, meatballs and more. The kid loves meat so much! She almost always feeds herself. One day, we ordered pizza and I had Lily eating something else. She SCREAMED at me until she got the pizza. It is her #1 favorite food and she goes crazy for it every time she sees it.

-In true 3rd kid fashion, Lily just goes with the flow of quarantine and doesn't notice anything different. She loves all of the time with her siblings and grandparents. She plays with her toys when we do home school and just loves life. She hasn't been anywhere at all for 2 months now. 

-She has two bottom teeth! 

-She loves waving all the time. She gets super excited and waves her whole arm up and down. Sometimes, she takes her hand and waves it at herself.

-She just kind of learned to clap. If you say "clap" she will clap her hands together one time like she is praying.

-She loves to lightly bump heads with her family members and wave her head back and forth which we call "butz". 

-She started kind of crawling at 9 1/2 months. She pulls herself all over the room with her arms and then she drags the rest of her body. She is fast and can make it far. She is starting to get into things like taking the dog's food bowls and such. We have to watch her closely! She can stand with support but doesn't pull herself up yet and isn't too steady standing.

-She is super happy and smiles and laughs all the time. She loves to cuddle. She gets really excited to see each family member in the morning. When she sees people, she loves to dance back and forth and be silly.

-She learned to say Mama!! She said it 5 times one day. I told her to say mama and she touched my face and said it. She also says "hi" when we say hi to her in her own way.

-She loves playing with all different kinds of toys. We just set out a few toys for her at a time and she loves playing with them.

-She loves to give sloppy wet kisses.

-Luckily, no health concerns after lots of previous worries.

Life is good with Lily. She is so easy going and helps to make this quarantine life fun!

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