September 14, 2020

Lily 13-14 Month Update

Lily is doing so awesome and has enjoyed summer life so much! She loves pools, splash pads, playgrounds, beaches and more. This is everything going on with her at 13-14 months old.

Clothing size- 12 months

Diapers- size 2

Weight- ? I'm going to guess around 17-18 lbs

Sleep- Sleep is going very well! Lily some days takes 2 naps or if we are out all morning, she takes one long 3 hour nap around noon. She sleeps from around 7-7:30 PM to 7-7:30 AM. All is going well!

Food- You can call Lily the carb queen! That girl will eat any carb on her plate before she will touch anything else. That's funny to me because she was loving meat for awhile. She also loves fruit and whines for fruit when I have it and she doesn't. Favorite foods include any kind of bread, pancake, pasta, tortilla or any kind of fruit. She eats 3 meals per day and not too many snacks. She still breastfeeds when she wakes up, one time during the day and right before bed. 

She eats everything we eat at mealtimes, just cut up into tiny pieces. She is a "packer" as I call it and jam packs way too much food in her mouth and it terrifies us. We limit the amount of food we give her to help.


-Lily has 7 words- Dada, Mama, daw-daw (dog), agua (water in Spanish), hi, bye and ba ba (for my mom Babci).

-She has 6 teeth now!

-Lily loves her dad so much and has the best relationship with him. She loves it when he puts her to bed the most, loves when he gently tosses her on the bed, loves being silly and looking at him and saying Dada all the time.

-She is starting to stand on her own for maybe 1-2 seconds. She crawls up all the stairs which is her favorite thing to do. She loves walking while holding our hands. No steps on her own yet but I know it is coming because she is doing all of the right things otherwise.

-Loves playing at playgrounds so much! She likes slides, swings and mostly crawling up the stairs.

-Loves swimming in a pool! She has been to so many bodies of water this summer and has had the best time.

-She loves to be silly, loves wrestling a little with her dad, loves clucking her mouth to get people's attention though we aren't quite sure what it means.

-She likes to choose who holds her and whines if she isn't with the person she wants to be with. She loves lunging towards whoever she wants to hold her. #spoiled

-She loves drinking water from my Contigo water bottle all day long and says "agua" all the time.

-Lily loves her siblings but if they pick her up and she doesn't want it, she sure lets us know by screaming!

Life is going really well with Lily. We had a great summer and are starting back to school for the other kids (online at home). It will be a busy time but I know we will make it!

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