July 25, 2022

Lily is 3!

Summer has been filled with so much fun that I am not getting around to Lily's 3rd birthday post till now- her birthday was July 10th. I wanted to write this post to remember all of the cute moments with Lily.

Fun things going on with Lily at age 3:

-She refers to herself as Lily Ginia Witch or Lily Ginia Doctor or Lily Poop (of course!). 

-She loves telling everyone that her birthday is July 10th pronounced (Joo-lie) and has known her birthday since at least 2 1/2. 

-Lily loves oatmeal and eggs most. She loves telling her dad "make eggs" as he is kissing her goodnight every night. She also loves yelling at Troy daily saying "Dad, take your bitavins (vitamins".

-She thinks she has no eyebrows because they're blonde. She loves for us to draw on eyebrows for her with markers or eyeliner lol. 

-Lily loves her dad and loves cuddling him and saying that they match hair and how they look. Troy has black hair and Lily is blonde for reference.

-She is obsessed with dresses and changes her dress about 5 times a day. Cleaning her room is always a big job for Troy and I because her floor is loaded with barely worn clothes.

-Baby dolls are everything to Lily and they are all named Baby. Lily takes her babies everywhere and loves taking care of them.

-She loves her sister Adalyn so, so much! Adalyn is mini mommy and Lily often chooses her over Troy and I. She loves having Adalyn hold her, take her to the bathroom, get her dressed, cuddle her when she is hurt, etc.

-She loves Oliver as well but those two are more like peers and fight a little more often!

-Lily will start preschool 3 days a week in the fall and she can't wait.

-Cocomelon is life for Lily! She can't get enough and calls it "Totomelon". She loves to sing Cocomelon songs.

-Lily loves to dance and loves going to outdoor concerts all summer long.

-She loves all of her grandparents so much and loves visiting my parent's farm and having bonfires.

-Lily is totally potty trained, knows all of her letters, sleeps in a big girl bed and is becoming so big.

-Lily can turn from happy to super angry in 1 second. I've never had a kid like this! We are working on hitting and her saying mean things to us... When she gets mad, she says "I don't like it! Eww!". It's bad but we think it is so funny.

-She loves playgrounds and having fun.

Life is amazing with Lily. She is silly and fun and it is a blessing to watch her grow! I truly wish I could pause time because life with Lily at age 3 is so sweet.

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  1. I can't get over how big all your kids are! But your baby...wow, 3?! You have quite the beautiful family...congrats!

  2. I always feel like I know your kids, thanks to your update posts like these. (What a treasure these will be in later years, by the way!) I love the pouty photo of Lily. What a big personality she has!


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