May 08, 2019

How to Build a Strong Relationship with Your Dogs

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Tips for building a strong relationship with your dogs including lots of cuddles, walks, treats and lots of excitement!
Our dogs are one of the joys in our lives that also drive us crazy! Yesterday, Jaxen took a nap with Adalyn and I and we were all cuddled together. It was so sweet. Then, after we came home from swim class, we saw that Ava ripped up the empty and newly changed garbage bag all over the house in tiny pieces which the can was weighted down with 15 pound weights (the dog is 14 lbs) to stop her. Oh, they drive us crazy!

I wanted to share with you some of my tips for building a strong relationship with your dogs. The dogs are 8 and 9 years old and we have had them since they were puppies. We have built quite a relationship through the years and I love having them in our lives. Though they do all kinds of crazy things on a daily basis, we wouldn't want to be without them!

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How to Build a Strong Relationship with Your Dogs

1. Greet them first thing in the morning

My dogs no longer sleep with us at night because they would wake-up the entire family at 5 AM everyday so they sleep in their crate together. When we let them out in the morning and after they go to the bathroom, we let them in an give them a ton of love. They are super pumped each morning and run around like crazy because they are excited to see us and get all of the pets, love, hugs and kisses.

2. Walk them often

There is nothing more that Jaxen loves in life than to go for a walk. I walk Adalyn to school 2-3 days a week and you better believe that he won't let me leave him at home for the 3 mile trip. We also take shorter walks with the kids where they walk the dogs themselves. Ava doesn't always love walking but sometimes she wants to come or we make her for exercise. Adalyn is awesome at walking either dog and I truly think that it helps their relationship (which is a struggle because Ava can be mean to kids).

3. Have the kids feed the dogs

My kids now fight over who is going to feed the dogs because they both really want to feed them. Oliver just turned two and his saying is "I do it" for literally everything. Adalyn has been feeding the dogs regularly for at least a year so she doesn't want to give that job up so we have her feed one dog and Oliver feeds the other dog. They are loving the Purina ONE® Lamb and Rice which I buy in a 16.5 lb bag at Walmart.

We took the 28-Day Challenge along with a whole family health and fitness challenge and saw positive changes in the dogs. Some results that we got to can see from switching to Purina ONE® is more excitement around mealtime since our dogs love this food.  

Jaxen has issues with his teeth and gums so the strong teeth aspect was important to me. Ava has skin issues and this food helps with healthy skin and coat with the addition of omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. The dogs love the food and gobble it right up so that is a win for us! 

Some other changes that you may see in your dogs with this food is extra energy after day 7. The food has high digestibility where their bodies can absorb the nutrients more. You may also see more sparkling eyes, healthier skin, radiant coat, strong teeth, healthy gums, heart and joints. 

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4. Cuddle up with the dogs

Our two mini dachshunds love to burrow under the blankets and love to sit by us on the couch under the blankets. Especially after the kids go to bed, they love the extra attention once there aren't two screaming kiddos running around driving them crazy. We use this time to pet the dogs and sure that they know that they are loved too.

5. Feed them treats

Just like people, dogs love treats! I have the kids feed the dogs all of their treats so that they like them more. Jaxen likes the kids but is kind of scared of them and Ava needs her distance from the kids at almost all times. It is really beneficial for their relationship for the kids to be the ones to feed them the treats. It helps them to trust the kids and I think it helps them to like them better. The kids love the dogs so they really enjoy giving them treats.

We love our two crazy dachshunds and enjoy having a strong relationship with them! What are some of your favorite ways to build a relationship with your pets?

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