February 09, 2012

Favorite Ask the RD Posts

Over the last year or so, I have been writing "Ask the Nutritionist" posts based on your nutrition questions.  Here are some of my favorite ones that I have done:

How often should I eat?

Quick Healthy Meals


Diet Tips

Winter Diet vs. Summer Diet

Easy Ways to Your Best Bikini Body

Curing Foods

Dairy Free Sources of Calcium

Eating an Organic Diet

Vegetarian Lent Fridays

Red Fruits and Vegetables

Now I have a question for you. Do you have any nutrition questions or topics that you would like me to post about? Let me know!

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  1. What a great list! Have a great Thursday, Amanda!

  2. You know. . . why don't you link 4 of these posts up to my Share & Share hop? They'd be a great addition. :)

  3. A friend of mine, no joke, asked me today if I knew anything about taking hcg as a fat burner.

    The only thing I could think about was that hcg was human chorionic gonadotropin( I'm 25 years out of college biology). Something to do with pregnancy. I told him my daughter was almost a dietician and would ask her.

    Maybe even expand this. Everyone knows that diet and exercise are best to lose weight, good for heart, high blood pressure, diabetes, your mental status, cancer................. But, no one wants to diet or exercise.

    Do any of these fat pills work?

  4. These list of nutritious food are really great. Thanks for sharing this post to us. This will help help people to eat nutritious foods.


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